Whether renting or buying a printer for your small business is a great choice, but the most important step is to recognize the right printer that works for printing needs and then deciding if you need a standalone printer or a multi-function device. Once you are aware of your printing needs, now is the time to decide if it is better to lease the equipment or buy it.

While leasing or renting a printer gives you the facility to use your office printer for a predetermined term based on the monthly payments as per the contract you have chosen. Your lease can also include office consumables such as toners with maintenance and professional support. You probably think about whether you should buy or lease your printer.

Take a look at the reasons why renting a printer is better than buying if you are a small business

Renting a Printer


If you are a start-up, adorability is all you look for when it comes to office machines. So, a reason for leasing a printer than purchasing is you can get the machine quickly without investing much, which also saves upfront cost. All you need to do is to sign a contract to start the monthly payment for the printers. This is an ideal option for small business and startups that need a temporary printing solution until they can own their own printer.

Tax Efficiency

Talking about the benefits of printer lease, it can reduce your overall tax bill, as the annual business cost is deductible reducing the net cost of renting the equipment. If you buy printers, you will be able to claim 40% of the amount against tax in the first year and 25% of the outstanding balance. Whereas, if you lease a printer, you do not require paying the cost of the printer you can reclaim by monthly, quarterly or annual payment basis.

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Additional Services With Printer Rental Contract

Apart from all the other advantages of buying a printer on a lease, the primary benefit is the added services you get from the rental service provider. Most of the companies offer printers replacement, maintenance and toner services for free within the same leasing agreement or rental contract. When you calculate all these expenses, you will realize how much you can save with such services on rented printers.

Stress-Free Working

For start-ups and small companies managing their investments under a budget is the most stressful responsibilities. Whether you are having a profitable business or not, you don’t want unnecessary expenses initially and a major part of your monthly budget is covered from the office consumables and equipment especially printers, copiers and ink cartridges. With having printers rental services, you can easily predict the monthly expenses and manage the working without any troubles.

With this, you can focus on the essential things for your business development and achieve peace of mind. Therefore, leasing a printer allows you to save resources for other goals or opportunities. Make sure to find the right printers rental services for your business specifically, speak to your controller who can recommend what is suitable for your business.

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