Walmart is reported planning to build an affordable Android tablets which as been described as “an inexpensive, kid-friendly” device that’s going to carry the ONN store brand that Walmart uses for other products. According to product filings registered with the US Federal Communications Commission, the Walmart Android tablets will be manufactured in China and come with Google’s mobile operating system on board though perhaps with a Walmart twist. According to Walmart spokesperson confirmation to Bloomberg; such devices were indeed on the way, but we don’t have any other details like a price, a launch date or international availability information as yet.

Another source on Twitter said the upcoming slate will feature an 8-inch screen, a MediaTek MT8163 processor, 2GB of RAM, and 16GB of expandable storage, and is going to come with Android 9 Pie on board. The choice isn’t a huge one for anyone interested in picking up a tablet that isn’t made by Apple. Amazon sells some very cheap Fire tablets with its own version of Android on board, while Samsung still offers a few more premium alternatives.

The Walmart Android Tablets is the latest attempt by Walmart to establish itself in the electronics after the release of Walmart-branded lineup of gaming PCs and laptops last year under its new Overpowered brand

Walmart Android Tablets

The upcoming Android tablets difference is that it will reportedly be aimed at the budget end of the market. Its main competitor will be Amazon, which produces tablets like the $79.99 Fire HD 8 and $149 Fire HD 10 both of which are available as child-friendly Kids Editions. However, Amazon’s tablets run on its own Amazon Fire OS, a fork of Android, and so they don’t have access to a full range of Android apps. If Walmart’s tablets run on stock Android rather than a fork, this could be a key advantage for it.

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Google itself seems to be moving towards using Chrome OS on tablets, with a side serving of Android apps as it did with the recent Pixel Slate. It sounds as though the Walmart ONN Android tablet will be designed along similar lines to the now discontinued Tesco Hudl tablet: something cheap enough to tempt you into an impulse purchase as you browse the store.

According to, Bloomberg’s report doesn’t mention pricing or availability for Walmart’s new tablets, but since at least one of them has already been certified by the Federal Communications Commission, they shouldn’t be too far away from release. If Walmart finds the right price for its tablets, it could find its niche in the electronics market.

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