Intuit QuickBooks comes numerous completely different templates that you just will use for invoices, estimates, credit memos, sales orders, purchase orders, sales receipts, statements, and packing. you’ll be able to conjointly customize all of them as per your demand. However, typically you’ll face some problems whereas using bespoken templates. If you’re also facing constant issue then you’ve got the return to the correct place as this text can assist you to troubleshoot common problems once victimization customizing templates.

You need to scan the article properly so perform the provided steps to resolve problems that you just face whereas emailing, opening, printing or saving forms as PDF. You can also contact QuickBooks Error support Service to resolve your problems instantly.

Troubleshoot Common problems when using and Customizing Templates

Invoice or Statement forms print while not lines or borders about ranges

The preferences in QuickBooks Printer setup tells you whether or not or not lines or borders print. These preferences may be set by a selected kind, therefore you’ll have lines and borders printing on some forms and not on others.

Change the printer setup preferences for a kind by following the below mentioned steps:

  • Go to File and choose Printer Setup
  • Select the desired kind from the shape drop-down list.
  • Click on Blank Paper from the Print On section
  • Unmark the don’t print lines around every field and click on OK

Emailed invoices have illogical text or a corrupt look

Sometimes the invoice sent as s PDF might look strange. it would seem to be written a misaligned character-at-a-time printer. you would like to alter the font of text within the invoice to avoid such issues:

  • Open the essential Customization window then choose Layout Designer
  • Right-click on the corrupted text and from the drop-down list, choose Properties.
  • Click on the Font then amendment it. additionally modify the scale, bolding as per your demand
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Note: Wales typically is default font however you’ll be able to choose another font additionally.

  • Repeat equivalent steps for all the affected text then click on OK
  • Save the invoice as a PDF document and check its look.
Troubleshoot Intuit QuickBooks

Due to a mistake, the template wasn’t exported

If you’ve received a mistake message whereas commerce a custom templet for a kind that you simply created with QuickBooks. The error might say:

The custom template you’re commerce might have a brand or image hooked up to the file.

Delete the hooked up logo/image from the custom templet that you simply try to export:

  • Open the corporate file that has the templet you’re making an attempt to export.
  • From the List menu, choose Templates
  • Right-click on the templet that you simply need to export then click on Edit templet
  • Unmark the employment brand box then choose

Troubleshoot Error C=291 once importing a form example

While importation a kind example, you receive the error message:

An error has occurred in QuickBooks. Please restart QuickBooks and take a look at once more. If you are still expertise this error, please note the C=value and get in touch with technical support. C=291

You also get the subsequent warning message:

Due to a mistake, the example wasn’t foreign. this might be as a result of the example kind accustomed store this example is incompatible with the example kind getting used to scanning it.

QuickBooks support C=291 happens thanks to the broken kind example or it may also occur if you’re importation the shape example from a more modern version of QuickBooks.

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If you’ve created the example associate degree exceedingly|in a very} newer version of QuickBooks and you would like a duplicate of it in an older version then you have got to recreate the entire example manually.

Troubleshoot when Unable to print custom invoice templates mistreatment QuickBooks for Mac

Troubleshoot Intuit QuickBooks

If you’re printing invoices during which you have got used custom templates and you get the message that the page is printing however nothing happens really. It will happen thanks to the broken QuickBooks Desktop or Layout Designer.

You need to delete and make broken preferences file:

  • Create a backup of the corporate file.
  • Close QuickBooks Desktop and every one its connected processes mistreatment the task manager.
  • Double-tap on the hard drive icon on the desktop.
  • Go to Users > [UserName] > Library > Preferences.
  • Drag and drop the apprehend.quickbooks.plist and files to the ash bin.
  • Run the QuickBooks Desktop, then restore the backup of the corporate file.
  • Create a replacement made-to-order invoice and reserve it with a special name.
  • Print made-to-order invoices mistreatment the newly created example.

If the error is still encompassing then you need to get in touch with the QuickBooks customer support service team.

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