When someone stole your iPhone device, the first thing the person will surely do is to remove your sim card in the mobile phone and once this is done, then there is a possibility for complication. But luckily, Apple iPhone devices developers have created some wonderful apps that can help you to track stolen iPhone. With the help of these third-party mobile phone trackers, you can get your mobile phone back and keep your private files intact.

Here are some top Apps developed to Track Stolen iPhone

Phone Trace 4: When your iPhone device is lost or stolen, if you want to know the iPhone real-time location or its new mobile number for contacting the person who has got it. Phone Trace 4 is a helpful application to keep in touch with your iPhone device. You can initiate a phone call without going through the Dialer user interface for the user to confirm the call being placed. Call any phone number, including emergency numbers, without going through the Dialer user interface for the user to confirm the call being placed

Through this application, you can

– Obtain your current location to Connect to another iPhone device (Through IP address which you can get from an email sent by the target iPhone device), and view its real-time location, send some commands to the remote device also.
– When your iPhone has been lost or stolen, it will send Email/SMS/voice call to another mobile phone when SIM changed

Find my iPhone: This an app iPhone device that allows you to track stolen iPhone using another iOS device. It gives you the exact location of your iPhone using a GPS. Moreover, it also protects your private data, displays a message and plays a sound at full volume even when your iPhone is in silent mode. First of all, upgrade to at least to iOS 5. The Register on the iCloud account (Apple ID). Now, download and install Find My iPhone app. Once the download is complete, you need to turn it ON. Go to settings -> iCloud -> Find my iPhone. To confirm this option tap allow.

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As long as this option is turned ‘ON’ on the lost iPhone and its connected to the internet, you can see your missing device on a map or play a sound. And you can use Lost Mode to lock, track, or remotely erase all of your personal information. If you think your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Mac, Apple Watch, or AirPods is lost or stolen, these steps might help you find it and protect your data.

iHound: iHound can communicate automatically, at regular intervals, even when your iPhone is not running. If your phone does get stolen, you simply sign into the iHound site to see its last transmitted location on a map. You can also send a push notification with a custom message and even a spoken alert. There is even an option to remotely activate a siren, which could help you find a misplaced phone or startle a thief into ditching it. And the siren can be deactivated only from the site.

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Track Stolen iPhone

iHound offers an affordable and effective way to recover a stolen iPhone. It could even help parents track the whereabouts of their kids. Just create an account today to manage and monitor your workforce efficiently and cost-effectively, locally or globally right from your desktop or mobile device. Available now in the App store for all iOS devices that are GPS equipped, including iPhones and iPads.

Device Locator: This application can be used to locate your stolen iPhone. To track your loved one or locate your device, the app must be installed on the target iPhone device. Every time your iPhone changes cell towers, this application will turn on the GPS for 15 seconds and record the best location that your mobile phone can determine. This location is then available online and can be viewed by logging into your account from any computer or phone that has an internet browser.

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Once Device locator has been configured it will report your mobile phone location every time your iPhone connects to a new cell tower. The application continues to report even after it has been closed and removed from the multitasking bar. A new version of Device Locator 1.0.6 has been released to track stolen iPhone. It includes the new on phone notification that is triggered when Device Locator is no longer recording locations in the background.

FoneHome: This app allows you to track and recover your stolen iPhone device. it will secure your mobile device, helps you to get it back after losing it, and makes sure your sensitive data does not fall into the wrong hands. Download it today and gain the peace of mind of knowing your mobile device is protected.


– Just download it to track as many devices as you like, and have both Android and iOS devices under the same account.
– Leave a message for someone who finds your device so that they can contact you.
– Lock your iPhone so that no one else can use it or access your private data after being stolen.
– Receive notifications if the SIM card in your device is changed, along with details such as its new phone number.
– Catch a thief in the act or just get some clues about where you left your device by taking a photo remotely using its camera.
– Lost your phone in your couch cushions? No problem, just activate the siren and it will start playing, even if your device is on vibrate mode.

Find My Friends: You can track stolen iPhone with Find My Friends to locate your friends and family members. The stolen iPhone locator will allow you to locate your lost or stolen device using a simple trick. The trick is to ask one of your friends or family members to track your iPhone to find its location using their device.

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The track stolen iPhone app features include sharing your location, following your friend’s location and hiding your location with just a single switch. You can also set up location-based alerts to notify you about your contacts’ locations and vice versa.

You just need to do the following setting

– Open the app on your iOS device and click “Add Friends”.
– Select one or more contact(s) from the list and tap Send.
– In the time option, select “Share Indefinitely” to never stop sharing.
– Ask your contacts to accept your location sharing request.
– Toggle on “Share My Location” to activate sharing your location.

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Prey Anti-Theft: This is another app to track stolen iPhone and it will also assist you in finding your lost or stolen device. It makes it extremely easy to find a missing device whether it is your iPhone, iPad, or MacBook. You can connect and see all your devices in its single interface for a comfortable experience. The app can take a picture of the person holding your device, alert when the device enters or leaves an area, disguise itself to encourage the thief to interact and get caught, and do a lot more.

Just follow this simple steps to activate the Track Stolen iPhone app

– Install the app on your device and open it.
– Follow the on-screen instructions to set it up on your device.
– Open Preyproject in a browser and log in to your account using your account credentials.
– Among the list of devices, click the device that you want to locate.

– Toggle on the option named Missing for receiving reports in your inbox.
– You will also see other options to gather information or perform actions on your device. For example, you can enable them to collect geo and network info, trigger an alarm or alert, lock your device, or secure-erase it entirely.

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