We all want to live in a place that is can be termed as a luxury one. Living in a place that offers spacious rooms, breathtaking views and a chance to own a property that is worth millions. If you think that this is the life you want to spend, then you have come to the right blog as here I will offer you information about high-end and prestigious condos in Toronto.

There are a number of factors and aspects that you need to think of while you want to buy or rent a condo that is all class and offer a prestigious lifestyle. Toronto is home to many such places where you can live in a grand style with condos offering the facilities as you can have in a high-end penthouse like NYC or LA. This is not to make Toronto’s real estate sector any less but giving you a comparison.

There are a number of places in Toronto which are considered uber-prestigious and people long for a condo or an apartment in that place. Two of those addresses are mentioned below with a brief description as exactly why they are in such demand.

Toronto Top 2 Apartment Complexes

50 Yorkville Ave

Toronto Top 2 Apartment Complexes

If you are looking for class and for a prestigious address, then 50 Yorkville Ave is the one you must look for. If you are thinking about living a grand setting where even minute details are taken care of, you need to look no further than this building. It is located in the Four Seasons, Toronto which is itself a name that is synonymous with prestige and staple of high calibre. If you are looking to live in a condo that is expensive not just for the fact that it is located in an upscale location, but you will genuinely feel that you get every cent worth of the place.

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There are actually 2 buildings here with one of the 55 stories tall and the other 30 stories. There are a number of factors here that you need to look at as there is not much difference in terms of overall features and facilities. You just have to be sure about the floor plan, space and the exact location in the complex which you have in mind. Read on for how a typical condo looks like here.

Right from the entrance of the condos to the finishing and from the interior designing to decoration and just the look of the washroom, you will clearly know that you have bought or rent out a truly perfect piece of real estate. If you want to spend a lifestyle coupled with a prestigious home, look no further than Yorkville and the number 50 at this avenue will literally blow you away.

10 York Street

Toronto Top 2 Apartment Complexes

One of the best and most amazing buildings is 10 York Street which was built by Tridel and just the sheer architecture of this grand building will leave you in awe. It is a 70-story tall building with facilities that are on par with all the rest of the buildings in Toronto. It has 774 suites in all and all the condos here are a masterpiece when it comes to making things too amazing. There are many things you need to be aware of like the actual amount you will have to pay or the rent. It is important as you need to be aware of how much it is going to cost you as the final figure sometimes can be quite overwhelming.

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The point I want to make here is that while there are many buildings, complexes and projects that offer prestigious condos to people, this particular project is right at par with the best ones in Toronto. If you are still not sure about what to do, I urge you to take a look at the complex once before any decision. And I am sure that just a glance at the facilities and features offered here and you will know that you will have a pretty good time once you start living here.

Final Word

There are some aspects I sure that my readers would like to know here as buying a prestigious condo is not something you do every day. Please take out some time and ask anything you want to know about the two projects I have mentioned. You can also offer your feedback for this blog by using the comments section below.

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