Buying an unoccupied house that is vacant for so many years is not an easy task. There are several precautions you should take before buying an unoccupied house. Here we are going to let you know what tips you can follow while buying an unoccupied house which is vacant for more than 60 years in Ireland. So, let us get started from the very first tip of buying an unoccupied vacant house.

Get Your House Inspected

Always approach a traditional inspector, structural engineer and bug inspector in order to inspect the unoccupied house you wish to buy. Also, make sure to check whether the house is having any house insurance in Ireland.

Keep An Eye on Water Filtration System

Make sure to check the water systems in and around the house you are going to buy. Otherwise, it may smell like the most horrible rotten eggs you ever did smell. And even good to check the sulfur levels in the water supply that your unoccupied house had. Otherwise, you will be charged thousands of dollars to install good water filtration systems in the house. And if in such case you need to inquire about the yearly maintenance costs are when selecting a system.

Check How Long The House Has Been Unoccupied

You may face a lot of issues when the house is vacant for so long. For example, the extreme sulfur smell, mould in the basement and the bats in the attic. So, these are the issues you may encounter. Therefore you should also check for this kind of issues to avoid them.

Unoccupied House

Inspect For The Mould in the Unoccupied House

If there is a mould in the house you may get health problems if you have sinus problems and you may have a mind-blowing headache. Because of the reason that the house sitting empty and not having good circulation will happen in living quarters or basements and attics. And mould remediation is very expensive if you won’t get rid of it from your house.

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Look For Roof Leaks

Check if there any roof leaks are in the existing stage in the unoccupied house that you are looking to buy. And, the people who visit your house and look at your roof all of a sudden then they have a different opinion. Because of the leaks in the roof, your house will get so much unwanted moisture. So, whenever you see the signs of moisture or mould, talk to the inspector who will have a handy gadget to test for the moisture.

Storm windows and screens

The windows and screens are to be most perfect for every house. If your house is already having screens and storm windows then try to add weather stripping to those storm windows. This will give your house an extra look. The storm windows and screens will save you from extreme winters. For this, you have to invest a little but worth your investment.

Overall insulation of the Unoccupied House

Buying an old unoccupied house is a big deal for everyone. Mainly with the overall insulation which is not in proper condition you may find the biggest inconvenience. So, take a look at the overall insulation of your house and house insurance Ireland before buying your dream vacation house in Ireland.

Condition of walls and floors

Sometimes unoccupied vacant houses will look very nice from outside. But you need to check the condition of the walls and floors from inside. If you forget this point, you again have to pay for the reconstruction of walls and you have to do the same thing with the floors. Because the floors also need refinishing that you cost you more. Carefully check these major things when you walk through the house.

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Also, never forget to get home insurance or house insurance for the unoccupied house before you are going to buy it. It will save you from illegal and unexpected incidents that might take place. Hence these are the tips to follow while buying an unoccupied house that is vacant for long years.

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