TheBillionCoin is a decentralized cryptocurrency different from many coins issued on the cryptocurrency market which are dependent on the companies that created them. The creation of TheBillionCoin is a result of a team effort. Collectively, the team has chosen to refer to the Creator of the coin as Kris Kringle. The spirit of TheBillionCoin is embodied within this character well-known throughout the world.

The stakeholders of TheBillionCoin around the world certainly act like Santa’s Helpers in this grand mission. Membership within the TBC community will always give a free gift to all who want it. Just like parents of small children all over the Earth spread the Spirit of Kris Kringle in the form of tangible toys and candies purchased with hard-earned cash, the Buyers of TBC coins use their hard-earned cash to play that role.

You Can Join TheBillionCoin Community, Membership with Free RegistrationTheBillionCoin

TheBillionCoin membership is free within the TBC community and the gift of Kringle coins are free and without obligation, TBC is a private group and use of the TBC wallet does cost a $10 Lifetime Wallet Fee. TBC is growing very fast as a community and TBC Admin uses these fees to cover the costs of the entire TBC technology and operation. TBC is not like the other public decentralized market-driven coins you see in the marketplace,

TheBillionCoin is private and centralized and bringing the 1st “Abundance-based” currency into the world, with a mission to End Poverty globally. You can register for a free account, when you are done, please make sure you add to your white list or safe senders list before you submit your sign up. Also, to be safe check your spam or junk mail for an email from See your provider’s documentation on how to do so.

TheBillionCoin (TBC) Online Investments Marketplace Review

The TBC online investments marketplace is a unique dynamic and goal-oriented platform with a remodification of stationary eCommerce system where people can buy goods literally within their abode with 50% TBC and 50% cash. SwiftPay is the online marketplace that focuses on creating value, promoting and supporting the vision of TheBillionCoin by eradicating poverty and availing a wealth creation phase for every believer of TheBillionCoin. Swift pay has four investment options you can partake and be successful.

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Stock Investment Module

This module is available mainly for Nigerians for registered members of SwiftPay with the opportunity to buy any items at 50% cash and 50% TBC.
All registered members who take part in the cash investment module have the opportunity to buy goods worth 140% of their invested cash within 14 days.
No market will offer you such bonuses. This investment can be renewed every 14days, you can also make multiple investments before the completion of your initial investment. You don’t have to open multiple accounts.

Cash Investment ModuleTheBillionCoin

On cash investment module, you will have the opportunity to exchange your TBC to cash, the exchange of your TBC depends only on the amount you invested.
For example
If you invest ₦50,000 you will be given a cashout buttons of 50% of your cash after every ten days. After the first ten days, you will get a cash-out of half of your
Money. i.e ₦25,000 and on the 20th day you will also get another half of your capital (₦25,000). Your invested cash return back to you after 20days. Please, note you will be given a cash out button after every 10days to cash out.

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If you don’t cash out on the 10th and 11th day, the cash out button will go off for the next 10days again. On the 30th day of your investment, your TBC in your wallets worth ₦25,000 in the platform will be converted to cash and will be available for you to cash out. Multiple investments are allowed.  You don’t need to open multiple accounts you can just invest using days intervals.

For instance, if your account is activated on ₦10,000 ($27.78 bitcoin) package, your maximum for cash investment is ₦100,000. While your minimum investment is ₦10,000.  If you have made your maximum investment today, you will have to hold on for another 10days before you can invest up-to another ₦100,000 more again. So if you have invested with ₦50,000 today you will also have an opportunity to make another investment of up to ₦50,000 any day.

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Matrix Exchange Module

This is the second to the latest and fascinating update on Swift pay now. Lots of people are already joining this system in rapid growth. The Matrix system is well programmed to make your TBC exchange worth $7,000,000 into Bitcoin worth 1166 Bitcoins or ₦2,590,000,000. (Two billion, five hundred and ninety million Naira. Is that really possible? Well, you have a chance to find out.

On the matrix module, every registered member of SwiftPay will make a one-time donation of $50 (₦18,000) and refer just 5 serious members who are willing to make donations and also refer 5 people individually. Please, note that for every $50(₦18,000) you received from your downline, your downline will also receive a $50 TBC in return from your account. The total sum of $150 will be deducted from the upline on moving to level 2.

It is important that before joining the matrix you need to fund your TBC wallet on the platform by making a minimum deposit of $250 TBC. On completion of your first five legs who made a payment, your account will be automatically upgraded to level 2 and you will receive a cash-out of $150 (₦54,000) you don’t have to make any payments again. All you need to do is to create a team where you can help your downlines with excess spillovers. Spillover to downline is important, you need to be aware that spillover can be given only between direct upline and direct downline.

For example
Mr A invites B, C, D, E, F any excess spillover he has can only be placed between B, C, D, E, and F.  The maximum Mr A can give to each of his downline from the excess spillover he has is unlimited. Mr A can make an even distribution of 2 members each to his downline if he has an excess downline.

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If Mr A has completed his mission towards helping his downline with the excess downline. It is now the responsibility of B, C, D, E, and F to get the remain 3 each.
More so B, C, D, and F need to help their downline with two downlines each if needs are ( not by force, but very essential for their rapid growth). Spillover to upline is very possible for a downline to help his upline to move forward without lacking behind by working as a team.

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For example,
if Mr A referred just 3 members (B, C, and D), he will need 2 more legs to have a complete Matrix. If B and D have excess paid downline they can give out to their upline so as to complete the matrix leg and move to the next level.

Non-TBCian Investment Module

SwiftPlay just introduces the latest update to all TBCians that they have launched a new module known as Non-TBCians Module where both TBCians and Non-TBCians alike will benefit from this system simultaneously. This investment module is strategically put in place such that even non-TBCians will be able to invest and also cashout both TBC and cash together. By so doing non TBCians will also be able to benefit and enjoy the TheBillionCoin (TBC) given to them.

For all non-TBCians who are willing to partake in this investment module opportunity (the journey to abundance lifestyle), they will be able to cash out their TBC to their wallets or use it to purchase goods right within the platform or simply exchange their TBC to cash.

How the Non-TBCians Investment Modules

The non-TBCians investment module is intelligently programmed in a such that all newly joined non-TBCians will have the opportunity to make up to 10% TBC of the cash they invested and also make a profit of 20% cash interest plus their capital money back just within one month of their investment. If a non-TBCian invest N50,000 naira on the non-TBCians investment module, the investor will get 4% daily return on the investment i.e;

4×N50000/100 = N2000 (Daily Return); For 10days = N20,000; For 20days = N40,000 and finally; For 30days (final day for investment) = N60,000.
The investor will also get 10% of TheBillionCoin (TBC) accrued over the 30days i.e: 50,000×10/100 = N5000 ($13.89). Total Return on Investment = N60,000 + $13 ( TBC). For all TBCians who are able to refer a Non-TBCianss to the system will also be given 10% of any amount invested by a referred member to exchange with their TBC.

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