Butterfly Residential Real Estate Company Full Services

The Butterfly Residential is built on a foundation of first-hand knowledge of the luxury property sector. Butterfly residential real estate company have an excellent network of prominent professional contacts in several countries throughout the world enabling the company to offer their esteem clients the most relevant and up to date properties that are available on the real estate market today….

Urban Economic Studies and Real Estate Scholarships

The University of Connecticut Centre for Real Estate has available several scholarships and awards for real estate students during the Fall and Spring academic semesters. The University is ranked no 1 in the nation for real estate research and is among the top 10 real estate program in the U.S. Its impressive academic credentials are matched by a strong emphasis…

Real Estate Economics Require Skills and Knowledge

The M.Sc Real Estate Economics programme is a joint scientific discipline of economics, management, land management and planning to offer students with the key skills needed in the wide range of careers in the real estate sector. To understand the complexity of the subjects, many courses combine theoretical knowledge with real-life projects and business cases. As most jobs in real…

Real Estate Investment Society Students Scholarships

The real estate investment society students scholarships programme was established to encourage and support students interested in the commercial real estate and related professions. The scholarship programme was named in memory of real estate investment society member and governor Paul Sands in 2011, The real estate investment society is an independent organization, dedicated to assisting members in the effective use…

Florida Real Estate Association License Examination Prep

You cannot pass the Florida real estate association license examination without the extra knowledge that comes with this app. The Department of Real Estate has made it quite difficult to pass the state and national exams. They do not want just anyone becoming a real estate agent. That is how we got into all this housing trouble, to begin with….