Spectranet limited became the primary internet service providers (ISP) to launch 4G LTE information superhighway provider in Nigeria. The brand is regular for presenting an inexpensive, sooner and greater reputable information superhighway broadband to Nigerian buildings and places of work. Its internet service is at present accessible across Lagos, Abuja, Ibadan, and Port Harcourt. Its state of the artwork network ensures excessive velocity cyber web connectivity for the valued clientele.

The internet service providers awarded the license by the Nigerian Communications Commission for the promotion of Internet services in the country. Spectranet being the first Internet Service Provider (ISP) to launch the 4G LTE internet service in the country and aiming to be the leader in the Internet Services space. The principle of Spectranet is to connect people to what matters most to them. The wireless internet providers striving tirelessly to achieve the objective by giving customers an Internet experience that is better than the industry standard.

Spectranet Affordable Data PlansSpectranet Wireless Service Providers

4GB ₦3,000/Monthly 24X7 Burstable Speed
7GB ₦5,000/Monthly 24X7 Burstable Speed
15GB ₦7,000/Monthly 24X7 Burstable Speed
20GB ₦7,500/Monthly 7 pm – 7 am *Unified Nite Value Burstable Speed (Night Plan)

25GB ₦10,000/Monthly 24X7 Burstable Speed *Free Unlimited Night browsing
40GB ₦11,000/Monthly 7 pm – 7 am *Unified Nite Value Burstable Speed (Night Plan)
40GB ₦12,500/Monthly 24X7 Burstable Speed *Free Unlimited Night browsing
50GB ₦13,000/Monthly 24X7 Burstable Speed *Free Unlimited Night browsing *Abuja ONLY

55GB ₦20,000/Monthly 24X7 Burstable Speed *Free Unlimited Night browsing
110GB ₦40,000/Monthly 24X7 Burstable Speed *Free Unlimited Night browsing
200GB ₦70,000/Monthly 24X7 Burstable Speed *Free Unlimited Night browsing
Unlimited Gold Plan ₦18,000/Monthly 24X7 Burstable Speed. There is free unlimited night browsing plan between 1am-7am with 24 hours access on weekend and Public Holidays.

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Other Data Plans

Unlimited Gold Plan: Unlimited burstable speed is assigned to all customers between 0-100GB and speed reduces to 512 Kbps after 100GB is utilized. Please Click Here for terms and conditions
Unified Stay Connected Plan: Available to customers on any commercial plans from ABUJA the only Customer still stays connected after consuming the monthly Capped data of 50GB. Please Click Here for terms and conditions. Click here for rollover terms and conditions click here to learn how to manage your Spectranet Data Plans.


Spectranet is also offering state-of-the-art dedicated link broadband services to corporate companies. The Enterprise products and services include

– Full Duplex dedicated bandwidth
– Redundant IP network infrastructure
– Maximum redundancy at each stage, including local and international IP connectivity
– Flexibility in providing scalable bandwidth between 2Mbps and 1Gbps
– Top- notch performance and robust internet access
– Best possible throughput, quality of service and truly dedicated network
– Pro-active 24X7 monitoring

Spectranet delivers unique services across the country and continuing to empower Nigerian families to connect to their world. The wireless service providers company’s esteemed customers will continue to enjoy smart connectivity, affordable high-speed internet service, 24/7 access, and paying Light to download Heavy.

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