Social Sharing Plugin to Optimize Facebook Engagement

Social login and social sharing plugin by Janrain is a plugin to increase your blog/site social engage and registration by generating referral traffic to your blog/site by allowing the visitor to your site to easily register and login via an existing social network or their email ID. You can use social login to optimize your Facebook social sharing experience by allowing your blog/site users to publish their comments and activities from your site to multiple social networks simultaneously.

The social sharing plugin is designed to make social sharing as easy as possible for webmasters to help them prepare a means their site visitors will be able to share their website contents with their social media followers. Today, social media sharing is a big form for business owners who are looking to build their brand, extend their reach, and generally make the most of their online marketing presence

You can use Janrain social sharing plugin To optimize your business website Facebook social sharing experience with the following featuressocial sharing plugin

* Social Login
* Social Login Display Options
* Collects User’s Email Addresses
* Social Sharing
* Social Sharing Display Options
* Social Provider Comment Icons
* Automatic User Registration

How To Install Social login and social sharing plugin by Janrain

To use social login to optimize your Facebook social sharing experience, you must follow the following installation guide

* Download the plugin here
* Upload the plugin into your site plugin admin menu
* Activate the Janrain Engage Plugging in your WordPress plugins menu
* For this plugin to work, you need to turn on Membership registration to allow anybody to register.
* Visit the plugin page to configure your plugin by going to the Settings -> Janrain Engage and follow the instructions to finish your installation.
* You will need to apply for Janrain Engage API Key for the plugin to be activated.

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Download and install the social sharing plugin to allow your site visitors to register or sign-in to your site with the click of a button with an existing identity from one of 30+ supported social networks, including Facebook, Google, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Yahoo. You need to utilize an intuitive visual editor to tailor the size, orientation, style, fonts, and colors of your social login interface, or take advantage of simple APIs to create a custom look and feel.

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