If you are looking for the best sets of architecture, engineering and construction industry software to make you a better building industry software specialist, the smart software solutions are your best choice. The smart software solutions are different from the old architecture, engineering and building industry software: they are born with cutting-edge technology to be simple and intuitive.

No need for long and tiring training periods, continuously supported by Video Tutorials, Forums and online technical support. ACCA software developed for architects, engineers, surveyors and building or plant engineering companies are created effectively to respond to the needs of all stakeholders in the building sector, The Educational versions of all the smart software solutions can be used in school laboratories or for private use during study and exercise activities. Students can use the full version with full functionality.

Teachers simply need to send their references and tell the company about their teaching activities. To use a subscription plan allowing the use of ACCA software solutions for free, teachers need to send us their institutional e-mail address (in France it’s Ministerial), with the school references, some details about classes involved and school activities and planned school activities.

Top 5 Smart Software Solutions to make you a better Building Industry Software Specialists

smart software solutions

Edificius Architectural BIM Design: This is a software for Architecture that is easy to use and to learn, at the top for innovation and professionalism, modern and much more convenient. This is the SMART solution to solve your 3D Architectural Design needs more efficiently.

This is not only a BIM software but an integrated solution. Edificius is the full professional solution to satisfy your 3D Design needs in the world of architecture. In Edificius you have a single solution integrated with:

– 3D Architectural BIM Design
– Landscaping and Garden design (Edificius-LAND)
– Static rendering for photo-realistic renders
– Real-Time Rendering for instantaneous rendering capabilities (Edificius-RTBIM)
– The native DWG and DXF CAD solution to enrich drawings with elementary graphical entities (Edificius-CAD)
– A complete library of objects including furniture and lights for interior design
– The 5D BIM cost estimating and quantity surveying tools to check project costs in real-time. Discover more about the Edificius features

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Edificius Landscaping Design Software: This is easy to use gardens, exterior spaces, terrain modelling and landscape design software. Professional and appealing results with 2D, 3D and Real-Time Rendering. You even have Real-Time Rendering integrated with the BIM model for a real-time assessment of the project and to create impressive presentations for your customers. Model the terrain, in a user-friendly environment, for outdoor spaces arrangement in an intuitive methodical approach, with professional 3D graphical results, just as a land survey software, together with all the relevant analytical earthworks data.

Get topographic land survey data directly from Google Maps. Also, produce a detailed construction estimate of the project thanks to the integration with PriMus. Garden design and exterior spaces design, either from within the 2D or 3D landscape working environments, allows you to quickly generate these documents and drawings automatically:

– Plan views of the project (with customizable styles);
– Cross-sections (with the original land profile reference as obtained from the land survey)
– isometric 3D views (with selection and styles)
– Perspective views
– Realistic views
– Renderings
– Animations (with 3D pathways)
– Dynamic comparisons between the land survey and the planned project phases (with step by step view of works)

The smart software solutions drawing model management is simple and flexible. Easily compose detailed drawing models to form construction documents and working drawings with great flexibility in customizing layout styles. A series of 2D drawing support graphics allows you to choose from labels, legends, and tables… Everything automatically and dynamically aligned with the project’s graphical data. Try Edificus-Land for free

Edilus Structural Engineering Analysis Software: This is a smart structural calculations software for structural engineers calculations in the simple and convenient way. EdiLus is the SMART structural analysis software for your design needs with regard to reinforced concrete, masonry, steel and timber structures. This is the modular structural analysis software solution that addresses structural calculations of buildings with its own integrated FEM solver to give a unitary experience to the phases of input, calculation, analysis of results and creation of detailed working drawings and documentation. It has a faster input with 3D members based on Magnetic Grids

The BIM input allows you to instantly define the strength characteristics of the objects and their spatial location. Special magnetic grids make a spatial input for objects very rapid and precise. Building up even the most complex of structures will seem as simple as playing a game. Try the software for free

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PriMus Construction Estimating Software: The smart software solutions is a construction cost estimating and bill of quantities software solution used by tens of thousands of customers. A total software solution that, with its number of worldwide users, its advanced technology, professionalism and simplicity in use, really is a true leader in the building construction sector. It works on your PC just as you normally would from your office desk: the quantity survey and price list layouts are integrated into the program interface to give you a unique working experience; the same you are already used to when working on paper.

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With PriMus you can prepare and build up new rates using the dedicated Rate Analysis editor and view, in addition to the elementary tariff items, your own rate analyzed items within the Price List editor. Each personal cost item composes the total rate are elementary items, free item descriptions, data from price lists or even other rate buildups deriving from other projects.

Particular rate analysis studies can be defined for special items on plant facilities by means of material details and installation time schedules. PriMus also allows the quantity surveyor to discuss material requirements identifying human resources, materials, machines, etc. necessary for project realization. Try PriMus for free

Solarius PV Solar System Calculator: This is the professional Solar PV calculator software for designing photovoltaic systems and that is already used by thousands of professionals for their daily work. Solarius PV guides the user in designing the PV system with great ease to make the best economic and technical solution. The working method is based on an easy to use graphical design interface allowing you to speed up the PV design process.

– Easily define the available PV system surfaces using specific graphical objects, which already include all the necessary data for the PV system design, or even import your own directly from DXF/DWG CAD files.
– Position the solar modules, either they are mounted on fixed structures, such as rooftops, placed on the ground, or on mobile mono-axis / two-axes structures.
– Simulate the effects of shading caused by landscaping elements that may be present at long distances from the photovoltaic by conducting a simple photographic survey of the installation site, an analysis of solar shading caused by near obstacles or by adjacent parallel strings of photovoltaic modules.
– Configure the photovoltaic system with Low-voltage single-phase inverters (LV), the three-phase inverter in low (BT) and medium voltage (MT), multi MPPT inverters, inverter with integrated or independent storage (external solar batteries). Photovoltaic batteries and inverters are selected and automatically proposed by the software to get the best possible level of productivity in relation

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– Calculate the PV system’s overall performance (total annual production with an hourly production rate schedule) and assess the profitability and amortization period of the entire photovoltaic system.
– Consult the calculation results in the numerical and graphical form being sure that all calculated data is dynamically updated when making optimizations and changed to the project.
– A photographic simulation feature allows you to generate precise photo montage of the designed PV system to show the customer what the system will look like once installed and to assess its visual impact within the existing scenario. Try Solarius PV for free

If you have already downloaded the smart software solutions and need further information about technical issues or program features, contact the software company and take advantage of the dedicated technical support service. This service can be accessed from the program’s home page using the “Technical Support” button.

If you are looking for the best sets of architecture, engineering and construction industry software to make you a better building industry software specialist, the smart software solutions are your best choice. The smart software solutions are different from the old architecture, engineering and building industry software: they are...
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