The real homes WordPress theme is a handcrafted WP theme for a real estate websites with purpose oriented design with all the useful features a real estate website needs. The WordPress theme has advanced properties search feature that is powerful and fully customizable to fulfil various needs. Users can select which fields you want to display and what data will be displayed in those fields.

With real homes WordPress theme, users can display multiple location fields to provide search behaviour like State > City > Area. You can change the values of price fields. You can change the search behaviours and values for beds and baths fields. In short, you can fully customize the search form to match your own needs. The new version of the WordPress theme has a new module named “Search Form Over Image” that can be enabled for the homepage to replace slider area with a graceful looking search form over a background image. The theme also includes related customizer settings to fully customize image, search form fields, text, colours and margin.

Some Wonderful Features of Real Homes WordPress Theme

Google Maps with Properties Markers: Real homes WordPress theme includes Google Maps API integration that enables you to display Google map with properties markers on search results page, properties display pages, property detail page, home page and taxonomy archive pages.

Real Homes WordPress Theme

Download and Release Page

Comprehensive, Yet Easy to Use Customizer Settings: The real estate WordPress theme provides a wide-set of customized settings that will help you configure and customize stuff around your website more easily. You can customize the price format to any currency in the world. You can customize the URL slugs to your required ones. You can customize all the important stuff related to your website using customizer settings and without going into code.

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Simple Login & Register OR Social Login Using Any Social Network: You can provide user registration, login and forgot password features on your site to let users access member-only features. Real homes WordPress comes with a simple login and registration features from start but Social Login feature was introduced in version 2.6.1 and allow you to integrate any social network with your website for this purpose. Consult the related section in the documentation for more details.

Easily Customizable Front End Property Submit: This real estate WordPress theme provides front-end property submit template and related configurations. So you can restrict the certain level of users from accessing administrator dashboard and give them an interface on the front end to submit properties. Later on, the website administrator can review and publish the submitted properties. Users can also configure the settings to auto-published property as soon the user pays a certain fee. Since Real Homes version 2.6.0 you can show/hide any field on property submit the form. This will help you hide the fields you think you do not need on your website. And much more.

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