The Opal real estate property website WordPress plugin is the perfect solution for real estate agents, brokers, realtors and property firms who are wondering where to find a suitable real estate plugin to install in their property listings website. The real estate property listings website WordPress plugin is easy to use, friendly and flexible with users, powerful features, high advanced functions and so many shortcodes and templates helping you to build a real estate website fast and furious in some minutes.

The real estate WordPress plugin powerful features and high advanced functions include

Responsive Layouts: This magic plugin is 100% Responsive and Mobile Ready. Compatible with all kinds of Themes and Frameworks
Clean Code: Excellent, clean & clear, extensible code. Clean CSS means you don’t have to spend hours un-coding
Social Sharing: Users can easily share links to properties via Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and LinkedIn
Multiple Properties: Easy to sort, search and manage properties listings. Available for kinds of property listing such as property, rental, land, rural, business, commercial, commercial land.real estate property listings website

Powerful plugin: Powerful plugin to match with your design. Customize CSS, HTML..easily and exactly
Flexible Filters: Developer friendly with dozens of actions and filters. Hundreds of filters to change the default behaviour of the plugin
Powerful Shortcodes: Add new templates in seconds and use with shortcodes. Easy and Quick to understand API’s with detailed documentation
Multiple Language Support: Custom labels for everything and full translation support. You can translate into the language you love. Easy – Quick Exact.

Opal Real Estate Property Website Listings WordPress Plugin Advanced Features

Search Properties: Flexible Extendable Filter on All Properties page and Easy to Search. Users will have many experiences to manage properties listings.
Set up & Update: Quick to set up, publish an update.Easy to use and customize. Compatible with all kinds of Themes and Frameworks.
Search Agents: This real estate property listings website plugin supports filter function for selecting a location, type and price of experienced agents conveniently
Search Engine Optimized: Clean & valid code, SEO friendly URLs and mobile-friendly design layout. SEO URLs generated for every property, after the WordPress format.

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Social Login: Facebook and Google + login in Clients can log into the website with via social accounts. Easy to use, manage and secure their profiles.
Quick Search: Users can quickly search properties or agents based on filter location, type, packing, bathroom, bedroom.
Google Map: Show all properties on the Google Map with fully customizable pointers. Google Maps API to automatically confirm physical addresses behind-the-scenes.

Membership Package: There are many packages with specific features suitable for users to choose the best one for their business goal.
Terms & Conditions: Startup with the Free version of menu plugin. Users will be better-experienced policies when registering new accounts.

Opal Real Estate Property Listings Website WordPress Plugin Add-ons

Fullhouse Mobile App: With the powerful development of the informative technology, today people use Mobile devices much more. With the best uses it brings, we developed Full house Mobile App a perfect tool compatible with Opal real estate property listings website Plugin. You can arrange all data on a control board of your website. Any changes you do on your website will be automatically applied in applications and in contrary. Only by an intelligent mobile, you search everything such location, properties, real estate at a speedy loading without the need to load the page. Easy to use, Friendly & Flexible with users, Powerful Features, High Advanced Functions.

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Field Creator for Opal Estate: You would like to widen some fields in the search for Property on the website but are wondering to look for a suitable add-on. Don’t worry! Opal Field Creator is an ideal place for you to experience. This excellent real estate property listings website plugin allows users to add, edit, delete config the fields of the information in a property flexibly. You can add some the fields such as text, texture, select, checkbox. Especially admin has many choices to config fields in Setting including Search Area and Meta Box.

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Opal Membership: There are plenty of WordPress Membership Plugins but not all of them have the specific features that you may need for creating your membership site. They are integrated into the website to manage some main functions. Are you looking to build a membership site in WordPress? Want to know the Best WordPress Membership Plugin?

Choosing the right membership plugin is crucial for your business, drive it in a right way and bring more opportunity for growth. Of all Opal, Membership is a brilliant choice for you to follow-up that helps you sell anything. It allows you to manage member users, create membership packages, accept payments and restrict content on your website. Get a free download of the best free real estate WordPress plugin for real estate agents, brokers, and Realtors that supports multiple widget types, search, and listings.

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