The cherry real estate plugin is the best WordPress plugin with full functionality for a real estate website. The plugin is absolutely free with no competitors in the free plugins segment. The real estate plugin has the leading solution providing great functionality with a full set of tools required for your real estate website projects. The cherry real estate plugin is a one-stop tool allowing to create real estate catalogue, add and manage agents, get announcements from your site visitors through the real estate frontend submission form.

The real estate plugin has an intuitive settings panel to allow users managing their currency. There is custom widgets allow to display property map, real estate agents, advanced search forms and recently submitted property. Besides that cool submission form helps site owners get new real estate for sale directly from site visitors an easy and safe way. Email templates editor give control over messages people get while registration and estate submission.

History of Cherry Real Estate PluginReal Estate Plugin

After multiple iterations, versions, and complete rebuilds from the ground up, the developers of the real estate plugin are happy to present the latest, 5th version of the Cherry Framework, which not only enables you to build awesome websites but makes them in-line with the latest WordPress standards and guidelines. In the beginning, the framework served us as a tool for speeding up the development process of our WordPress themes, but gradually it was starting to take shape into something bigger, something that can be used by many other WordPress developers to build complex projects faster.

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Cherry 1: In those days there were not so many WordPress frameworks, and we decided to start creating our own. Unique solutions
Cherry 2: We made many upgrades. We have created the options page, and revised the work logically, and carry out WooCommerce compatibility.
Cherry 3: We have created site We’ve made separation of plugins and theme, functionality and customization. Widgets are stand-alone solutions
Cherry 4: We have taken into account the experience and create Revolution update of our solution. With an absolutely new technology approach.
Cherry 5: We have redefined all our solutions, and have created a new conception of the framework. Modular Structure.

The cherry real estate plugin is absolutely free and has no any hidden fees. Use Cherry Real Estate plugin to build your catalogue, real estate agency website or real estate personal web page. Learn more

– Upload “Cherry Real Estate” folder to the “/wp-content/plugins/” directory
– Activate the plugin through the “Plugins” menu in WordPress
– Navigate to the “Properties” page available through the left menu.

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