This real estate license exam study guide is designed to help aspiring real estate brokers and realtors to get their license. With many different features such as practice questions and flash cards, this comprehensive exam prep app is all you need to master the real estate license exam. The real estate license exam study guide is completely designed to help you pass your real estate exam on the first try.

Real Estate License Exam Prep App Features

The app has hundreds of Professionally Written Exam Questions: The real estate license mock test and practice questions are formulated by experts and based on the most recent real estate license exam books and study guides for aspiring letting agents. The questions in this app are almost identical to the ones you’ll see on the official Real Estate exam, giving you the opportunity to hone your knowledge and master the exam.

Real Estate License Exam

Ability to identify Your Weaknesses: As you work through the real estate license exam practice questions and mock test, the app will record your performance, grade you and clearly show how many questions you answered correctly and how many you got wrong. The app will identify your weak topics and place them in a separate category, giving you the chance to really work on improving the areas you struggle with. Eliminate your weak subjects and master your real estate exam.

You can use the real estate license exam prior to study anywhere: Whether you’re on the train, bus, or you want to study in the park; you’ll be able to study for the real estate License test using our app. With offline functionality, you can study anywhere! Now there’s no need to carry your heavy textbooks all you need is your phone.

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This is a comprehensive Study Guide: The app manufacturer has divided the real estate license study guide into comprehensive categories so you can have shorter, more productive study sessions and focus on the topics you want to improve.

Why you Need to Download the Real Estate License Exam Study Guide App

– Acquiring the keys to real estate success
– Costings & taxation
– Winning sales strategy
– Financing the real estate purchase
– Legal system
– Landlord & tenant

– Two study modes flashcards and practice test
– Professionally formulated exam questions with multiple choices
– Detailed explanations of each question
– Stuck on a question? Bookmark it for later
– Comprehensive categories to cover every topic in the Real Estate License assessment
– Track your progress, identify your weaknesses and master the exam.

In the real estate license exam categories, you will find absolutely everything you need to study and pass the real estate exam on your first try. Download your real estate license exam free study guide today.

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