The real estate investment society students scholarships programme was established to encourage and support students interested in the commercial real estate and related professions. The scholarship programme was named in memory of real estate investment society member and governor Paul Sands in 2011, The real estate investment society is an independent organization, dedicated to assisting members in the effective use of real estate through networking, education, public service, and a common voice on pertinent issues.

Real estate investment society sponsored professional educational courses and seminars on a periodic basis, in cooperation with other professional organizations. These real estate investment society students scholarships programmes offer useful information on proper rules and techniques for land acquisition, entitlement and development processes, investment strategies, structuring group investments, and marketing investment properties and professional services.

Real Estate Investment Society Students Scholarships Criteria

The following criteria will be applied to test eligible candidates for scholarship awards

Real Estate Investment Society Students Scholarships

– The purpose is to offer scholarship funds for students attending the participating institution who have an interest in a career associated with the real estate industry. Areas of study can include landscaping; engineering; real estate; appraisal; legal; accounting; development; insurance; etc.
– Limit of $2,500 to be awarded to any student during a specific calendar year. A student may receive a scholarship award of up to $2,500 for four consecutive years. Funds are paid directly to the institution on behalf of the scholarship recipient, not to the person.

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– Minimum grade point average shall be 2.5 (on a 4.0 scale).
– Financial need shall be considered.
– Recommendations from faculty members will also be considered, but are not required.
– Preferential consideration shall be given to local and regional residents.
– A recipient will attend one of the Real Estate Investment Society’s (REIS) monthly meetings (at no cost) for recognition and meet the organization’s members.

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– A candidate must send a one-page essay with their application outlining why he/she should be considered for a scholarship of this nature and how it would benefit him/her.
– Scholarship awards are intended for tuition and course books and materials.
– The recipient will become an honorary member of the Real Estate Investment Society (REIS) during the scholarship period and be eligible to attend any and all monthly meetings and functions (at no cost) on the same basis as any dues-paying member.

How to apply: Information on applying for the real estate investment society scholarship programme is available from:

Florida Gulf Coast University
Karie Seilberger
(239) 590-1060

Contributing to the Scholarship Programs: Make checks payable to real estate investment society scholarship foundation, Inc.
c/o Bob Bassett
P.O. Box 9247
Fort Myers, Florida 33902-9247 Or visit the Society Foundation official website for more detailed information.

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