Social media is the best tool to promote your profile as a real estate agent to your potential customers, but to use social media effectively in promoting your real estate business, you need to know what to post on your timeline. We have some great tips to help you in your real estate business investment with your social media account. Some favourite social media we are considering for this deal are Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

You need to be sharing your real estate business investment daily on your social media platform to keep your customers talking about your business. Sometimes, sharing a quote card, pictures from an earlier event or a question or comment will surely show your consistency to your customers. Social media is about engagement, regularly posting questions that will get people responding will continue the conversation in your comments. Social doesn’t mean personal. You are a business.” The idea is to give the illusion of personal interaction while being mindful of the image and brand you are conveying.

Daily Plan for your Real Estate Business Investment Social Media PromotionReal Estate Business Investment Social Media

Be Inspirational: You need to show some inspiration to your customers early in the morning. This can be a motivational quote, pictures with a motivational or inspirational message, a positive thought or other inspiring idea or image. Real Estate Business Email Marketing and SMS Strategies
Family: This is the type of post that will remind people of your personal side and gives them a glimpse of the softer and gentler reason you do what you do. Personal connections create brand loyalty and make you their trusted Realtor for life.

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Facts about your Real Estate Business Investment: This could be a glimpse into your professional life: a closing, a meeting, a showing or an open house. Whatever you choose, it is just a reminder that you are active and out there working with clients and properties each day.
Something Funning: This can be a gif request, a joke, a silly question (Which way is right: Over or under toilet paper?). It’s just a fun way to create a conversation and allow you to interact with your followers and friends. These categories and times are not ironclad, and they can be posted in any order, though the inspirational one is the best first thing in the morning.

Culled From Inman | The do’s and don’ts of Social Media for Real Estate.

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