SMS messages are opened within just 5 minutes after being received. AgentDrive, the developer of the real estate Email and SMS marketing software has partnered with leading SMS API developers, Plivo and Twilio so that real estate marketers and agents can use feature-rich SMS apps to power their SMS marketing campaigns with half the effort and get the highest response rates. The real estate business Email marketing software has everything you need to make Email & SMS marketing flexible & relevant.

Real Estate Business Email Marketing App Features

Two-way messaging in 19 countries: Send and receive SMS via carrier networks in 19 countries to get customer feedback and enquiries instantly.
Phone number lookup: Check out details about the connection type of phone numbers to reduce undelivered messages, prevent spam and send highly targeted SMS marketing campaigns.
Long SMS Concatenation: SMS longer than 160 characters? It’s automatically concatenated up to 1,600 characters. No more lost messages or awkward chunking.Real Estate Business Email Marketing

Sticky senders: Use a single recognizable ‘From’ number to send an SMS to a particular recipient. Next time they get your message they know it’s you, and you have a conversation history in one place.
Geo-match: Automatically select local phone numbers to extend the reach of your SMS marketing campaigns and create a local experience for your users.
All character sets (Unicode): Unicode support for every language – SMS supports Unicode UTF-8 to send and receive an SMS in 100+ languages and symbol scripts.

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Send SMS text messages to all countries: A global reach for you SMS campaigns – with us, you can communicate to your audiences in any country in the world.
SMS shortcodes: Use a digital mobile code of your choice to send and receive large volumes of SMS. The default base rate is 40 SMS’s per second and can be even higher upon request.
Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS): Create visual experiences with picture messages. Images are automatically resized for you, or you can send them as a link.

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The real estate business email marketing and SMS software will do more than just SMS or Email for your brand message that always reaches its destination. Leverage the power of mobile with the fastest and easiest way to reach people via mobile. Even more great features to make your SMS marketing campaigns outstanding.

Personalized Sender ID: Easily brand your SMS messages and customize your sender ID with alphanumeric characters to make your messages instantly recognizable.
Bulk Text messaging: Use shortcodes to send your messages in bulk and receive replies within seconds – especially handy for your ever-growing database.
Message queuing: Need to send your messages at a certain rate? Just set your rate and the app will automatically queue and send you SMS marketing campaign just as you need.
Delivery reports: Monitor your SMS marketing campaign in real-time and gets right info on message direction, delivery status, API log reports, billing details, message timestamps and much more. Download the Email and SMS marketing software to give your Email & SMS marketing campaigns global coverage.

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