PayPal Payment Gateway for WooCommerce Website

The PayPal adaptive for WooCommerce is a WordPress plugin to create WooCommerce payment functionality for your website. The WordPress plugin will ease your transactions by enabling PayPal adaptive payment gateway. The PayPal payment gateway is adaptive for WooCommerce plugin will add a lot of payment functionalities to your website. It segments a transaction to multiple recipients at a time to help you distribute payments to different parties.

This eCommerce PayPal payment gateway WordPress plugin has two different payment systems (parallel payments & chained payments). You can customize your payment mechanism any way you want. Online transaction made easy and diverse with the PayPal Adaptive for WooCommerce plugin.

PayPal Payment Gateway WordPress Plugin FeaturesPayPal Payment Gateway

PayPal Adaptive Payment: This WordPress plugin will add the PayPal adaptive payment system to your site. It’s a great mechanism to segment a transaction to multiple recipients at a time. It helps distribute a payment among the different predefined parties.
Parallel Payments: The Parallel payment option lets you send the money to all the receivers at the same time directly from the buyer’s PayPal account. The procedure in this payment system is seamless and automated.

Chained Payments: PIn chained payment system, initially the total transaction amount goes to the first receiver’s PayPal account. Then the fund gets segmented per the admin’s predefined percentages and recipients.
Implement Payments Globally: The default settings will apply the same functionalities to your all products. The same options, percentages and the transaction processes will be applicable to all the receivers. This global setting let you have one setting for all.

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Individual Customization: PayPal Adaptive for WooCommerce is not limited to just one single global transaction option. If you ever think of having different settings or percentages for any particular product, you can customize these settings easily.
Boost your eCommerce Productivity: Using PayPal Adaptive for WooCommerce, you can save your precious time. The plugin does the hard work of money distributed among the relevant parties. You just focus on your platform experience and boost productivity.

Download the great payment mechanism to segment a transaction to multiple recipients at a time. It helps distribute a payment amount among the different predefined parties automatically and instantly. PayPal Adaptive for WooCommerce is based on the popular WooCommerce plugin. You must have WooCommerce installed on your site to use PayPal Adaptive for WooCommerce because our plugin adds the PayPal Adaptive features to the main WooCommerce plugin’s Checkout function.

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