The OpenDoor responsive real estate and car dealer WordPress theme is a follow-up on the huge successful OpenHouse/Automotiv WP theme bundle. This WordPress theme retained all of the best Openhouse features, and built on them, plus added lots of new features. OpenDoor WP theme and car dealer WordPress theme combine both real estate and car sales into a single theme, where you can switch between the two in Theme Options. OpenDoor WP theme is fully responsive. (But not if you use the ds IDX press plugin) Looks great on all screen sizes ranging from small phone to large monitor. Scan the QR Code above with your phone to see. (Note: if you use the ds IDX press plugin, then pages generated by it are not responsive. Not my fault!)

OpenDoor WP Theme and Car Dealer WP Theme Features

Compatible with OpenHouse/Automotiv: If you are coming from OpenHouse or Automotiv, then changing to OpenDoor WP theme is a breeze. All your current Open house listings will easily carry over to this theme, so you will not need to re-post them. The only little thing is that all “banners” will need to be re-chosen in each listing, as the architecture for banners is totally different.

OpenDoor WP Theme

Download and Release Page

Compare listings: Check the boxes next to each search result and compare them all side by side. Maximum of 5. (Not in ds IDX press plugin search results)
Easily customizable: Customize header height, header colour/image, background colour/image, footer colour/image, and more. The homepage can include one or all 3 of these areas: Latest Listings, Latest blog posts, and digitized block (up to 3 digitized areas). The order of these areas can be set in Theme Options.

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Call To Action section: Under slideshow on the homepage are optional Call to Action buttons. Customizable in Theme Options. Note: each call to action block is an image, so it is not translatable.
Translation-ready: (translate plugin required) No .po or .mo files necessary! Only things NOT translation-ready is the banner text, and Loan Calculator (in Real Estate mode). Mark a listing as ‘Sold’ and have the ability to filter out all Sold listings from all places on the site.

Customize the wording of any section title, label, static text, etc. in Theme Options: Even in multiple languages without the need for .po and .mo files.
Live and always up to date documentation in the form of a Google Docs public document. Ability to “comment” inside the documentation if you think something needs clarification, or if there is an error.

Social networking: Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, LinkedIn, YouTube, Flickr, and Pinterest. Include/exclude any of them from Theme Options. Order search results page interactively
Enter a custom text to replace the price: For example: “Call for Price”, or “As low as $250,000”. The text is set on a post-by-post basis.
Enter a “price reduced by” amount for each listing: If done, then a green down arrow will appear next to the price, with a tooltip showing how much the price is reduced by. Unlimited Color Scheme choices, in Theme Options.

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