Homeownership made easy is an online real estate investment income generating platform designed by kingbuilder limited in conjunction with Orisun estate with a vision borne out of a passion to ease the living standard of the average Nigerians in terms of having affordable accommodation and other conveniences of life without having to burn their fingers to acquire a house. Networking/people referring is a business of people, for the people and by the people.

The online real estate investment income generating platform is the 21st-century concept that gives both low and medium class the opportunity to acquire what ordinarily can take them a fortune by just referring/introducing other people. Kingbuilder experience in real estate and property development coupled with the passion to make every Nigerian a homeowner has led the real estate company in providing this platform to deliver that dream house you have always wanted to call your own with ease. You will agree that property acquisition has never been this affordable and easy in Nigeria.

Many people are already grateful for the online real estate investment income generating platform having availed themselves of this rare opportunity

Online Real Estate Investment

Now it is your turn to join and create your success story, Joining the online real estate investment income generating platform gives you an edge over your contemporaries, and primarily, it will help you to focus your attention on other areas of life and family. Primarily it will put you in touch with a large number of great contacts including;

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bird-dogs and wholesalers who can bring you great deals, industry professionals and other investors. The real estate investment group/club is the easiest way to starting your own business just in the comfort of your home without having to pay for anything and you can run this business at your leisure.

How Online Real Estate Investment Income Generating Platform WorksOnline Real Estate Investment Income

– Register with a non-refundable fee of N25000 and fill your necessary details on the web page to activate your membership to get a referrer code/link.
– After which you are requested to refer five people to register with N25000 each as you did with your referrers code/link.
– The moment you registered five people, qualify for the first level (level 1) and automatically become the team leader.
– The moment your five referrers registers, you earn 15% of the total amount they registered with. I.e. 15% of N125000 which is N18,750.00.

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All you are required to do afterword is to encourage/motivate your five referrers to also register/refer five people each and the moment the last person register his/her last person to complete five each, this qualifies you as the team leader to the next level (level 2). Visit the kingbuilder home plan website for more detailed information on how to register and start earning your commissions to become a team leader. Best of luck

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