Achenyo Idachaba is an American born entrepreneur and winner of Cartier Initiative Award for women in Sub-Saharan Africa in 2014 working in Nigeria. She came to limelight after she moved to Ibadan, Nigeria, in 2009 to set up a money making business environmental consultancy. She had an affinity with Nigeria as her parents had been born there and she had spent some time visiting when she was younger although she was born (in about 1969) and educated in America.

According to Achenyo Idachaba, she realised that Water Hyacinth which was recognised as an invasive weed could be harvested and turn to a money making business as she had read of this happening in Asia. She has developed products such as a wastebasket and a table tidy which were made from plants that are usually only known for being invasive.

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Water Hyacinth was originally from South America and can be seen as attractive in a domestic garden, however, they have been called the “worst aquatic plant” as they grow so abundantly that they create large floating mats of plants that quickly reproduce. The weeds are harvested, dried and then made into a rope which can then be made into products.

Idachaba set up a Money Making Business Company called Mitimeth

MitiMeth provides sustainable and creative value chain solutions delivering environmental and economic benefits to communities and consumers.

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Change orientation: Ability to lead changes in business processes and communication efforts. Possess effective presentation and training skills. Demonstrated track record presenting to various target audiences and facilitating domestic/international training sessions.
Negotiation skills: Ability to negotiate contract agreements for goods and services. Experience negotiating contracts for the Fuels and Lubricants business.
Teamwork: Ability to work productively and keep up effective relationships in multidisciplinary and multicultural teams as well as to cultivate a culture of information and knowledge sharing. Several years of experience in various work teams as a regional and global leadership.

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Achenyo Idachaba efforts were recognized in 2014 when she was given the Cartier award for women’s initiative award for sub-Saharan Africa.

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