Mobile Application is any software application developed specifically for use on Wireless Mobile Devices such as Smartphone and Tablets rather than the usual Desktop Computer and Laptops. These mobile applications are usually available through distribution platforms that are typically operated by the owner of the mobile operating system like the Apple Store, Google Play, Blackberry App World, and Windows Phone Store.

The Mobile Application is usually downloaded to be used on a target mobile device such as the iPhone, BlackBerry, Android Phone or Window Phone. But in this write-up, I am going to show you how you can download all the applications directly to your Desktop Computers and Laptops and start operating them without the use of your Mobile Smartphones.

You can start running and using all the following mobile applications on your PC easilyMobile Application Operation

  • WhatsApp
  • Instagram
  • BlackBerry Messenger
  • WeChat
  • Temple Run
  • Mobile Adsense
  • Assassin’s Creed Pirate
  • Pirate Legends Td
  • Legend vs Zombies and much more.

Lists of Top Softwares to Open and Operates Mobile Application on your PC


This is the software to run Android OS on Windows PC with instant switch between the Android apps and Windows. When this software installed on your PC, there is no need to reboot your PC. All your downloaded Android apps can be stored on your Windows desktop or within the Android environment. BlueStack will help you to run the Android apps on your Android enabled Notebooks, Tablets, Netbooks, etc.

Installing BlueStack on your PC will benefit you with having both Android and Windows OS at the price of single PC. BlueStacks integrates seamlessly with Citrix and Microsoft software delivery infrastructure and with Citrix’s Enterprise App Store. You can download BlueStack Android OS emulator for your Window OS freely from the developer’s site. After installing BlueStack, you now have Android interface running in your PC. You can now start to download Android Mobile Apps directly on your PC.

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This is a revolutionary new concept to bring functionality, depth and fun of the Android OS experience to your Microsoft Windows devices. DuOS run nearly on any Windows 7 or 8 devices for fast, easy switching between Windows and Android environments. DuOS are nothing less than the full Android experience, with all the features that the latest version of the popular mobile operating system has to offer. It runs fast, looks crisp and sharp and performs with no limitations – because it is 100% native Android running on your Windows hardware.

It can run nearly all of the Android applications available in Android app markets. To get you started, it comes with preloaded Amazon Appstore. To make DuOS your own, simply add your favourite Android app markets with the DuOS package installer. DuOS are also ARM v7 compatible, so it can run most popular ARM applications as well.

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This software supports 3D acceleration for you to enjoy a superior Android gaming experience in the Windows environment. File sharing between Windows and Android is also supported in DuOS, so you can share pictures, videos and music between both OS modes with ease. DuOS also support SD card emulation and allow you to configure the SD card size with an easy-to-use configuration tool. For more information and release, pricing visit amiduos.


This is a software to port Android open source to the x86 platform which is formally known as Patch Hosting for Android x86 support. Android-x86 created to provide a complete solution for Android on Exx PC platforms first and then to provide solutions for common x86 platforms as well.

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Android-x86 Features

  • Kernel 3.10.40, KMS enable
  • Wifi support with GUI
  • Better disk installer
  • Power Suspend/resume (S3 mode)
  • Battery Status
  • Software mouse cursor
  • Mouse wheel
  • Support netbook native resolution
  • Audio (ALSA)
  • V4l2 Camera support
  • External monitor support
  • External storage automount support
  • Support external keyboard
  • Debug mode with busybox
  • Bluetooth
  • G-sensor
    You can get the latest versions here for download


With this software, you can run Androids mobile application and app stores on your PC, no Mobile phone is required to Download any Mobile Applications online via app stores within YouWave.

YouWave Features

High performance: The fastest way to run Android on pc
Ease of Use: Easy to install. Easy to import and run apps
Supports Android 2.3 Gingerbread or higher
Runs on Windows XP/Vista/7, 32/64 bit
Simulated SD card functionality – enables game saving
Saved State – enables fast restart
Enables multi-player online games
Dynamic rotating – phone-like instant response
Volume control buttons
Retractable control panel
Visit the application website for more information and downloading instructions


This is one software that has broken the barrier between Desktop and Mobile computing, and also keeping you up to date with the latest Android OS features for upgrades. Andy provides you with unlimited storage capacity and compatible with both Windows PC and Mac.

Downloading Andy will give freedom to play the most popular Mobile Games and other mobile application on your Desktop PC and the choice of using a mobile phone as Joystick. With Andy, you will never sacrifice the multi-touch or gyro elements of gaming, there is a seamless connection between Desktop and Mobile. You can receive a SnapChat phone picture on the street and see it on your desktop at home. Visit Andy official site to download the software

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