Microsoft has released Microsoft Office 365 home which contain several features that allow the Mac users to work easily on txt, ppt, xls documents and many other formats. Office 365 has so many impacts on Mac users, but it does not have any new features; rather, it is essentially a new licensing model Office for Mac.

Any Mac user who currently owns Office for Mac 2011 must uninstall that software when signing up for Office 365. You will need to download and install Office for Mac 2011 through your Office 365 account on up to five Macs. A Mac user who signs up for Microsoft Office 365 Home will also get 20GB of SkyDrive storage (up from the 5GB that comes with a free account) and 60 minutes per month of Skype callsMicrosoft Office 365 Home

Though, Mac users do have an alternative to Office on demand before, Microsoft’s Web apps, which have been available since 2010 and is accessible through a SkyDrive account, those apps let you create and edit Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, and PowerPoint presentations using Web-based versions of those apps, then users can save those documents to their SkyDrive or Mac. However, those Web apps are not as full-featured as the desktop versions.

Microsoft Office 365 Home for Mac Key Features

Creating: Microsoft Office 365 home allows the user to create text, accounting, presentation documents and other more according to the user’s need. For that, several tools are at his disposals such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

Supported formats: with Microsoft Office 365 home, the user is given the possibility to open and edit all Microsoft Office files. Indeed, Microsoft Office 365 can deal with these documents regardless of the original platform where they came from.

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Enhancements: several elements have been changed for this new version. For instance, for the word application, some quick access button has been added as well as new predefined templates to facilitate the writing.

This Microsoft Office 365 home is a cross-platform software, that is to say, that it can be installed on PCs or tablets. Customers with an active subscription will be notified when newest versions are available. You can download a Microsoft Office 365 home which has a trial version for one month of validity

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