Time is very precious when it comes to real estate investment. If you are not a real estate investor, not you are planning to become a real estate investor, this mobile real estate calculator is not for you. But if you do want to invest in real estate today or in the nearest future, these investment mobile real estate mortgage calculators are perfect for you and it is free. You must not invest in a real estate or property before you check this mobile app.

A real estate calculator was developed so that anyone who wants to invest in real estate will be able to evaluate a property’s profitability and decide if it is a good deal. With investment mobile real estate mortgage calculators, you are not facing any complicated excel spreadsheets or asking friends in the field for favours. Each investor can enter the details of the property he or she would like to buy as an investment and decide whether the deal is worth it.

Investment Mobile Real Estate Mortgage Calculators Details

– What would be the property’s net income?
– How about the overall return on investment (ROI)?
– How much will my monthly mortgage payment be?
– Everything is calculated and presented to you in an easy and simple design.

You can save and load an unlimited amount of properties. Compare several properties – showing you in a clear & simple way which deal is the best. Maximize your ROI by entering the desired return rate which will then adjust the mortgage you’ll be taking. Read more

Deal or No Deal Real Estate Calculator

The investment mobile real estate mortgage calculators let you know within seconds if your potential real estate investment is a good deal of using the widely known “50% Rule”. There is also a built-in mortgage calculator. Use this application instead of writing out tedious calculations when you’re at the foreclosure auction, negotiating with a Seller over the phone or out in the field with your Realtor.

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ReadDealCheck Real Estate Analysis Mobile App Download

For more advanced investors, Deal or No Deal Real Estate Calculator will also calculate mortgage payments, vacancy factors, repairs, NOI, ROI and more. This calculator also allows you to save the calculations of your potential deal to share with others. The “50% Rule of Thumb” is implemented in this calculator, which makes analyzing a “buy and hold” deal for a rental property incredibly easy and quick. A mortgage calculator is also featured on this screen. Read more

RECalc Mortgage CalculatorInvestment Mobile Real Estate Mortgage Calculators

RECalc mortgage calculator is a real estate mortgage loan calculator that is also a traditional Mathematical Calculator. It is UI is simple and familiar, like any traditional mathematical calculator. Real estate investor can use RECalc to calculate the Monthly Payment, Term, Interest Rate or Loan Amount for a mortgage or any other loan, as well as standard mathematical calculations as you would in any other calculator.

You can use the investment mobile real estate mortgage calculators to calculate mortgage payments given loan amount, interest and term. RECalc lets you calculate any one variable given the other three. Enter a down payment amount or percentage and let the calculator show how large a mortgage you require. RECalc supports semi-annual compounding (Canadian Amortization) in addition to normal monthly compounding. With a click, you can display the complete Loan Summary and Amortization Table for your mortgage or loan. Read more

Rental Property CalculatorInvestment Mobile Real Estate Mortgage Calculators

The Rental Property Calculator is a simple tool designed to help you quickly and easily evaluate potential real estate investments. The calculator reminds you of all the quantitative factors you need to take into consideration and quickly calculates Cash Flow, Cap. Rate (Capitalization Rate), Taxable Income, and ROI (Return on Investment).

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The emphasis in the Rental Property Calculator is speed. When you are looking at a rental property as a potential investment, you don’t have a lot of time and you’re constantly being distracted. You don’t need a free app with advertising creating yet another distraction. You don’t need to be jumping back and forth between applications to do different parts of the calculations you need.

As soon as you enter a purchase price for your rental property, the app will populate the rest of the fields making some assumptions and giving you an estimate of how good of an investment this is. You can then override any of these assumptions to get more exact figures. Read more

Karl’s Mortgage Calculator

You can use it to calculate mortgage payments given principal, interest and term. Reverse calculate any one variable given the other three. Enter a down payment amount or percentage and let the calculator show how large a mortgage you need. The calculator supports Fixed and Adjustable Rate Mortgages (ARM) loans with up to five changes in interest rates. Interest-only mortgages loans are also supported.

ReadReal Estate Cash Flow Analysis Software and Mobile App

You can pay off your mortgage early with extra payments. Add one-off, monthly and annual extra payments. Choose up to ten other extra payment amounts and payment periods and the calculator will show how much money you can save on the loan. You can choose from weekly to annual loan payments and adjust the compounding period from daily through annual periods. The calculator supports Canadian mortgages along with UK annual rest mortgages. Read more

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Finance Mortgage Calculator

This Mortgage Calculator is very easy to use, all you have to do is enter the loan amount, interest rate and years of payment, and you will get all the details about mortgage payments. You have the option to see yearly or monthly break down of each payment. The mortgage calculator is free. You can export your mortgage to your email with payment information. You can also save mortgages for future reference. In addition, the loan calculator allows you to customize using many beautiful themes.

The investment mobile real estate mortgage calculators help determine your total monthly mortgage payment, inclusive of principal, interest. The payment amount is based on the value of the home, with the mortgage calculator setting default values for property value, loan length, interest rate and other details. You are able to adjust these details to reflect your situation and get a more exact monthly payment estimate. The monthly mortgage payment calculator also provides a mortgage amortization schedule that shows the money you will pay toward your principal and interest over the course of the home loan. Read more

Whether you are a real estate professional, mortgage broker, first time home buyer or looking to refinance, you can easily access the real estate calculators on your mobile phone. You can also use the calculators to calculate car loan payments.

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