Indonesia Stock Exchange Technical Indicators Apps

The Indonesia Stock Exchange is one of the Asian stock exchange market-based in Jakarta, Indonesia was previously known as the Jakarta Stock Exchange (JSX) before its name was changed after merging with the Surabaya Stock Exchange (SSX) in 2007. Indonesia Stock Exchange had 566 listed companies with a combined market capitalization of IDR 7,052.39 trillion. Both Jakarta Stock Exchange (JSX) and the Surabaya Stock Exchange (SSX) merged to form a new entity “Indonesia Stock Exchange” (Bursa Efek Indonesia).

After the merger, the new entity has seven directors. Two of the primary stock market indices used to measure and report value changes in representative stock groupings are the Jakarta Composite Index and the Jakarta Islamic Index (JII). The Jakarta Islamic Index was established in 2002 to act as a benchmark in measuring market activities based on Sharia (Islamic law). Currently, there are approximately 30 corporate stocks listed on the Jakarta Islamic Index.

The Stock Exchange of Thailand, Jakarta Stock Exchange, and The Philippine Stock Exchange) and global index provider FTSE on 21 September 2005. The indices, covering the five ASEAN markets, are designed using international standards, a free float-adjusted and based on the Industry Classification Benchmark (ICB). The indices comprise the FTSE/ASEAN Benchmark Index and FTSE/ASEAN 40 tradable index.

Indonesia Stock Exchange Technical Indicators Mobile Apps Details

The Indonesia Stock Exchange Technical Indicators Mobile Apps is an application to help stockbrokers make the decision to do the transaction in Bursa Efek Indonesia / Indonesia Stock Exchange (BEI/IDX). The Technical Indicators Mobile Apps provides the complete information you can get to do the stock transaction for both trading and investing.Indonesia Stock Exchange

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Key Features
– Technical indicators in daily, hourly, 15-min, 5-min time frames: Moving Averages, RSI, Stochastic, StochRSI, MACD, ATR, ADX, CCI, UO, ROC, WilliamsR
– Buy & sell signal based on technical indicators
– Accumulation distribution data based on top broker transaction (Net top buyer – Net top seller)
– NBSA data (Net Buy Sell Asing: accumulation distribution data based on the foreign transaction)
– Real-time security price data of 596 stocks and 25 indices in Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX)

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– Live candlestick chart: End of Day and Intraday *
– Fundamental data: Current Ratio, Dividend, EPS, Book Value, DAR, DER, ROA, ROE, GPM, OPM, NPM, Payout Ratio, Yield
– Personalized stock watch list
– Account & portfolio management
– Profit/loss calculation
– Broker fee calculation
– Investment and stock market news update
– Top position: top value, top volume, foreign net buy ranking, foreign net sell ranking, top gainer, top loser, top gainer (%), top loser (%)
– 10 commodities and 12 currencies data worldwide

Download the Indonesia Stock Exchange Technical Indicators Mobile Apps today and keep track of your stock investments anytime, anywhere. You will also have access to Real-Time Data, Live Candlestick, Portfolio & Account Mangement, Fundamental, Technical, Bandarmology, News


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