WhatsApp is one of the most revolutionary apps discovered for your mobile. Can you imagine a day without using WhatsApp? There are almost a billion users who are using WhatsApp on a daily basis. One of the most widely used mobiles is android based and you can easily download WhatsApp on any of your android phones. Most of the people are interested in exploring all the latest features of WhatsApp. Many are busy in searching WhatsApp stickers android phone offers.

You may also like to update yourself with WhatsApp new feature daily. WhatsApp stickers update may be an important attribute of WhatsApp new feature. People may be keen on understanding personal stickers for WhatsApp. It is one of the latest features of the WhatsApp. Users can download it easily from Google play store.

Personal Stickers for WhatsApp

With the advent of personal stickers for WhatsApp app download, their user base has increased even more tremendously. This WhatsApp new feature can be used only with the latest version of the app. In order to download personal stickers for the App, you need to adhere to a few important criteria as follows.

  • Good Internet Speed
  • Latest WhatsApp Version of 2.18 or above
  • Download Personal Sticker App from the Google Play store
  • Minimum 3 images of yours in PNG format with clear background
  • Import to WhatsApp Stickers

WhatsApp comes with some preloaded set of stickers. But you can download more stickers from the App Store. Android got even more stock of stickers to download. Personal stickers for WhatsApp have made it even more popular. With this WhatsApp new feature, you can create emoji of your own image.

WhatsApp Android

In order to use this, you just need to create your own Stickers stock. Add at least three images of your in that file. You can choose the image from your photo gallery or click new with the customized expressions. Isn’t it amazing to send your own personal sticker emoji to your friends for better connect?

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5 Simple Steps of Sending New Stickers through WhatsApp Android

Once you have downloaded WhatsApp stickers it’s quite easy to send it to your connections. You just need to follow few simple steps and you become pro in using this WhatsApp new feature of sharing personal stickers. All you need to do it follow this simple 5 steps to make it happen.

Open the WhatsApp Launcher: Open the latest version of WhatsApp from your mobile or desktop. Ensure to have good internet speed for the chat server

Keep WhatsApp Stickers Updated: Download all the stickers in your WhatsApp. Currently, what’s app got close to 13 stickers packs excluding the one that is included in the WhatsApp download package. Android has got access to all types of stickers. Don’t forget to use the latest WhatsApp feature of personal stickers. It is one of the latest trends among users.

Select Your Contact or Group: For sending the sticker, you must select the contact whom you wish to send the sticker. You may choose to send WhatsApp sticker in the group as well. This is WhatsApp new feature that many are still unaware of. Try to share with the set of people who are still not aware of this uber latest feature of popular WhatsApp. Be the first one to use Personal stickers for WhatsApp and get the title of most digital savvy member

Attach the Suitable Sticker from the List: Now that you may have more than one set of default stickers in your WhatsApp gallery, choosing the suitable one may be the question. While selecting the sticker option you will get the plus icon to select more stickers. In case you miss downloading any of the stickers you can do it now. You can select the sticker that you find to be most suitable to send. This can include your personal stickers as well.

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Click on the Send Button: You are now just one step away from sending the latest sticker of your choice to your contact. This is the simplest step. All you need to do is click on send the item from the bottom right-hand side of your Android mobile phone or any other phone. You may choose to send WhatsApp sticker through Android or your I-phone. Most of the people prefer WhatsApp android as it may get more stock of stickers.

Recently there was an exclusive cricket sticker launched for the android. Personal stickers for WhatsApp are gaining popularity day by day ever since its launch. The reason why they are more common on android is the larger user base of this mobile operating system. Since WhatsApp android phone has the largest user base that’s why all the latest feature of WhatsApp are launched much early their as compared to I-phone OS or Windows

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