Identity theft in the workplace is fast becoming a headache for employers and corporate businesses around the globe. Every year, hundreds of thousands of identity theft cases are identified and the individuals perpetrating such identity frauds are handed over to law enforcement agencies for using fake or doctored credentials to land employment. Such instances of the act in the workplace not only becomes a cause of embarrassment for the company but also leads to revenue losses ranging in millions annually.

Several solutions are available for identity theft prevention, designed especially for business to examine the credentials of their potential employees before bringing them onboard but not all of them provide a fighting chance against constantly improved and sophisticated attempts of identity theft. Below are some of the ideal features that are must-have for companies and corporations in order to significantly reduce the identity theft cases in their workplace.

How to Prevent Identity Theft

Fight Identity Theft

ID verification for Fraud Prevention

Businesses need to ensure that ID verification is at the forefront of their identity theft prevention policy. Most frequent cases of identity theft involve fake or duplicate ID documents that enable a person to claim a fake identity. An Identity theft protection software such as Shufti Pro is fully equipped to provide best identity theft protection to its customers with the help of its Artificial Intelligence supported ID verification services.

Real-time verification results ensure that a person posing a fake identity through a fake ID document is caught instantly, saving the professional company from an embarrassing situation in future. Shufti Pro covers official ID documents from 190+ countries and supports more than 150 languages, providing identity verification document services to a worldwide clientele.

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Consent Verification

Most of the countries and territories require companies to collect consent from their potential candidates before a verification process is performed from their credentials. It is a matter of data security and regulatory compliance, both of which can not be taken lightly by responsible corporate businesses. So in addition to a comprehensive examination of credentials presented by a potential candidate for employment,

it is important to thoroughly collect and verify the consent of users to perform those ID document verifications. Shufti Pro also has a specific verification developed especially for such companies that want to verify consent provided by their potential employees for the verification process. It allows Shufti Pro customers to verify the consent of users both through a customized document or a handwritten note with customized content written on it.

Artificial Intelligence supported verification system of Shufti Pro can identify and verify handwritten notes through OCR based technology. identity fraud in the workplace can become a thing of the past for Shufti Pro customers as it has developed a specific set of services just to strengthen fraud prevention and online identity theft protection.

It means that companies availing services from even remote employees and workers can verify the credentials of such employees without any technological hiccup or time lapse. The integration process of Shufti Pro with pre-existing web portals, online platforms, and web applications is also very easy because of its RestFul API and mobile SDKs developed for both Android as well as iOS platform. For more information, please visit Shufti Pro

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