Your Google profile allows you to control how you appear on the internet and tell others more about who you are. With your Google profile, you can easily share your web content on one central location. You can include links to your blog, online photos, and other profiles such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and much more. You can also have control over what others see and your Google profile will not display any private information unless you explicitly add it.

Google profile includes basic social networking services like a profile photo, about section, background photo, cover photo, earlier work and school history, interests, places lived and an area to post status updates. It also includes several identity service sections, such as a contributor and other profiles area that let you link other properties across the internet. As a job hunter, you may be thinking the first thing you need is putting together your Curriculum Vitae. But these days, the new Curriculum Vitae is your Google profile.

All the employers simply need to do is search for your name on the internet to decide whether you will get the job. Just make sure you have tidy up what the employer finds before the company finds it. There are 4 Things you need to boost your Google Profile and enhance your Curriculum Vitae According to Forbes, Almost all 91% of the United States employers have visited a job hunter’s profile on social networks and more than 69% of employers have rejected some applicants on the basis of what they found. Things that can get you rejected:Google Profile

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– Use of bad grammar or gross misspelling on your Facebook or LinkedIn profile
– Anything indicating you lied on your Curriculum Vitae
– Any badmouthing of earlier employers; any signs of racism, prejudice or screwy opinions about stuff; anything indicating alcohol or drug abuse and any to put it delicately inappropriate content.

4 Ways to Improve Your Curriculum Vitae Using Your Google Profile

Edit Your Google Profile: You need to make a list of adjectives you would like the employers to think of when they consider hiring you. Then search for your on the internet and see what the search engine pulls up. Also, go over any pages you have put up on social sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest or YouTube and remove anything you posted there or allowed others to post that contradicts the impression you would like to make to the employers.

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Update Your Google Profile: Visit a site like LinkedIn and Twitter to fill out your profile completely. Leave no part blank unless you have a very good reason. Most importantly, be sure to keep the profile up-to-date. There is nothing that makes you look less professional than having an obviously outdated profile.

Add links to any website you feel would help you stand out, for instance, your blog if you have one and it’s solely devoted to your area of ability and your Twitter account if you’ve only been posting tweets that manifest your ability in your field. Join one or more LinkedIn groups related to your ability. Post sparingly but regularly when the people in it are discussing something you’re an expert on. You want to get a name and reputation in your field.

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Expand Your Google Profile: There are several ways to expand your presence on the Internet.

Use Forum: Sites like LinkedIn have forums, or groups, organized by subject. Look through the directory of those groups or forums, choose one or two related to your industry or interests and, after signing up, speak up regularly when you have something to say that will quietly prove you are an expert in your chosen subject area.

Blogs: Start a blog if you don’t already have one, and update it regularly. If you don’t know how to blog, there are helpful sites that will give you detailed instructions. If you have a blog but it roams in terms of subject, start a new one that is more narrowly preoccupied with your particular area of ability.

Twitter: The advantage of Twitter is that it has hashtags and Google is indexing all those tags and tweets. Figure out which hashtags employers are likely to look for when they want to find someone with your ability and experience.

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Add to Your Google Profile: It will take any employer or Head of Resources department some time to sift through all the stuff about you that may seem when it does a search about you on the internet. You would help them by summarizing and organizing the pertinent information about yourself. Where you post your Curriculum Vitae makes all the difference in the world. If employers post their vacancy on a job board like or, they typically have to look through 219 Curriculum Vitae from job hunters who respond before they find someone to interview and hire. If they post the vacancy on the employer’s website, they typically have to look through just 33.

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Culled from Forbes | Job Hunters: How To Use Google As Your Resume.

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