Getting ready to attend the toughest exam in India? In the first place, I would say congratulations. You have chosen the best career occupation. Of course, it demands a lot of efforts and consistent hard work to pass the civil service exam. Follow these below tips to get ahead with better preparation from the beginning stage itself.

Make A Good Study Plan

You need to prepare a solid study plan. It is a must for any kind of competitive exam. However, IAS exam demands more. Let it be flexible as per your time comfort.

Ultimately, the study plan you make should be suitable for your speed and capability. Always set realistic goals. It enables you to attain maximum results in the short span.

Civil Service Exam

Choose Only Right Set Of Books

The mood and quality of IAS preparation depend on the set of books you have chosen. Picking up the bad books consume all your energy. Ultimately, you will lose interest in studies. Please refer well before purchasing any book.

If you have the right book in hand, there is no need to study from varieties of other books. Certain books are good at explaining certain topics. Know them well before buying.

Acquire In-Depth Subject Knowledge

Understanding all the concepts with perfection is very important. Let it be either general studies or optional subject. Your conceptual clarity takes the role. As a result, you can crack the UPSC exam with much ease. Get yourself deeply through the subjects. Above all, be very clear with the basic concepts of the syllabus

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Focus On Current Affairs why preparing for the Civil Service Exam

Current affairs always take the major portion of the civil services exam. Have you observed the recent year question papers? It includes many questions from this portion. So, pay more attention to the happenings in and around India.

Moreover, keep yourself updated about the present developments of economy, literature, social issues, etc. You will hold the top position only if you are good at remembering such information. Current affair is an integral part of UPSC exams.

Practice Excellent Writing Style

Developing writing skills is as important as getting conceptual clarity. You can answer well only if you have good knowledge about that particular topic. Am I right?

Just going on writing answer sheet will not fetch you good marks. Firstly, you need to plan and organize your knowledge according to the questions asked. Later, present your answers with the supporting views.

Make sure you follow the systematic pattern while answering. Let it include introduction, body, and conclusion. So, it looks neat and impressive. Include related facts and figures to make the answer valuable.

Please do not forget about grammar and spelling errors. Frame the sentences well and maintain good handwriting without fail.

Think Before You Read for the Civil Service Exam

You already know! The UPSC syllabus is vast. If you aim at studying every single topic in details, then it becomes difficult to complete the syllabus in time.

Identify the important topics and focus more on them. Now, you will be able to perform great in the exam. Follow the same technique when you read from magazines, newspapers, etc. In addition, it is your duty to understand the question paper pattern by going through the previous years paper.

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Finally, do not forget to work hard and smart. The above smart tips will help you to score better. All the best for your civil service exam. Prepare well and get the desired marks. Go ahead with a positive attitude and you will do the best!

If possible get help from good IAS coaching institutes. They might help you to simplify the process of preparation. Also, you will experience the stress-free study period.

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