The 16:8 intermittent fasting plan includes the consumption of food within 8 hours of time and to abstain yourself from food for the rest 16 hours. The repetition of the cycle entirely depends on you and your health conditions. You can perform it once or twice in a week to all the seven days. This is one of the very effective ways of reducing weight by burning fat with minimal efforts. This intermittent fasting plan is considered to be less restrictive and can fit into any lifestyle.

During intermittent fasting, people can consume water, coffee and any non-caloric beverages during the period, this can help you people to reduce hunger levels. What is more important during the period is to cultivate the habit of eating healthy foods. Tea, coffee, sparkling water, apple cider vinegar are acceptable drinks during fasting to help you to adhere and prevent you from raising your insulin levels.

How is 16:8 fasting done?

Intermittent Fasting

To begin with intermittent fasting you need to first choose the 8 hours window that fits perfectly with your time schedule. Then you need to choose the food items that healthy and filled with nutrition. Some of the food items are:

Fruits: banana, oranges, apples, berries, watermelon, pineapples, etc. ยท
Vegetables: cauliflower, broccoli, tomatoes, cucumber, carrot, etc.
Healthy fats: avocados, olive oil, and coconut oil
Protein-rich sources: poultry, meat, fish, nuts, legumes, eggs, etc
Whole grains: oats, rice, barley, quinoa, buckwheat, etc.

During fasting drink plenty of water and unsweetened tea or coffee to keep yourself hydrated and control your hunger pangs

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Intermittent Fasting

The 16:8 intermittent fasting plan is widely popular because of its flexibility and is easy to follow too. The long list of benefits from this fasting plan includes:

  • Rapid weight loss is seen as you limit the calorie intake and also fasting promotes weight loss by improving the metabolism.
  • Fasting shows the reduction of insulin level by 31% which results in low blood sugar level, which potentially helps in reducing the risk of suffering from diabetes.
  • Intermittent fasting shows improved longevity of life too.

What are the drawbacks?

No matter how beneficial the intermittent fasting plan is, it is accompanied by some of the drawbacks too.

  • When you limit the consumption of food to eight hours a day, some people tend to overeat during these hours in an attempt to make up for the long 16 hours of fasting, which ultimately results in weight gain and other digestive issues too.
  • Initially, you may face hunger pangs, weakness, and sometimes even fatigue. But rest-assured once you continue with the routine these signs start to subside.
  • Intermittent dieting affects men and women differently. In some cases, it is found to affect fertility too.

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