Have you ever wondered how different types of equipment and items are installed in your homes, offices, schools and in other buildings? The process of establishing them is different in each thing. Maybe a few procedures will be the same but not all are identical. This can be said for the various machinery but the installation of Sod Farms in Georgia is altogether a distinct method of putting the turf onto a piece of land from planting grass or other plants. Sod farms are layers of grass that are manufactured on a large scale. It is unique because the patch has grass along with the roots underneath it.

Tools and Materials needed for Sod Farms Installation

One must not forget that various tools, pieces of equipment and materials are a crucial part of the process of instalment. The companies that are in the gardening business need various tools to maintain their trade. Although many of the equipment used in cultivation and installing the different variety of sod are the same some are different.

The Tools Used

These are the basic tools and equipment that are used for the proper fitting of the sod. As sod has particular properties and has to be handled carefully so distinguished tools are used.

  • Hand Trowel
  • Measuring Tape
  • Rototiller
  • Spade Fork
  • Rake for Soil
  • Hose for Watering
  • Trimmer Variations
  • Broom for Smoothing
  • Lawn Roller
  • Water Sprinklers
Sod Farms

Material for Sod Farms Installation

Many of the materials listed below are used in ordinary gardening but another special matter is used for the sod installing.

  • Soil Testing Kit
  • Sod Sample
  • Different Fertilizers
  • Organic Substances
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Steps to Install Sod Farms in Georgia

You must be thinking that how planting sod is different from a normal placing of grass? When you will purchase the sod from any renowned company like Atlanta Sod Farms then you will see for yourself the difference. But for those who want to know the process prior to purchase then these steps will be a good explanation.

Analysis of the Soil

The very first thing to confirm is whether the ground is good for installing the sod or not. The quality of the soil will influence which type of sod should be grown on it. There are a set of utensils that can be very helpful for analysis of the soil.

Determining the Area

When you are satisfied that the ground is perfect for the development of the turf then you have to decide the area on to which you have to install it. If the area to be laid down is small then you can use a measuring tape but for larger region needs a yard or meter stick.

Make the Ground Ready

After the area has been marked properly, next you have to ready the ground before you lay out the sod. You need to first clear out the debris, rubbish and other fragments. This will help you to smooth out the soil. Remove any type of weed as it is very dangerous and will restrain the grass to grow. The soil must be evenly spread out.

Quantity of the Topsoil

If the test of the ground determined any deficiency in the soil then the sod providers will spread topsoil benefiting the turf when you pace it. It has all the ingredients that are needed for the sod. But be careful not to put the topsoil where it is not required.

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Installation of the Sod farms

When you have purchased the sod; it is crucial that you install it within 6-12 hours as it can wither out. If you have hired people from the company to fix the turf onto the ground then there is no need to worry as they will know what to do. But if you are doing it yourself then it is vital that you start putting it from the sides and corners. Then make your way to the middle. Be careful not to overlap it; just place it side by side but don’t leave any gap.

Level the Installed Turf

There are many different types of lawn roller accessible to you that you can use to level the turf. This will push the roots down on the ground making the grip more firmly. It is suggested to use a large roller so that a big area of sod can be secured into the ground at one time.

Keep it Hydrated

People make the mistake of watering the sod very little when it is installed because one of the properties it possesses is that water is less needed but they forget that it is after it has firmly gripped the ground. It is important that water is given more during the first 2-3 weeks of the placing.

The Final Look

The final look of the turf that you have installed from Sod Farms in Georgia is very pretty but this can be ruined if people are allowed to move over it soon after the installation. To maintain the beauty of the turf it is important that you take care of it.

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