DealCheck real estate analysis mobile app is the simplest and fastest way to analyze and compare investment properties on your phone or tablet. This is one real estate analysis mobile App trusted by thousands of real estate investors and agents, the app is ranked among the top 5 real estate investing app in over 12 countries, and has been featured on BiggerPockets, RE Tipster, Product Hunt and others.

If you are a new real estate investor who wants to learn how to analyze rental properties and flips or an experienced professional who needs 24/7 access to powerful analytics, projection and reporting tools, you’ll love this real estate calculator. DealCheck real estate analysis mobile app will help you crunch the numbers and perform due diligence on any rental property, flip or rehab project in less than a minute.

Simply enter some basic information about the property, and the app will calculate a complete analysis of the deal, including closing costs, mortgage payment, cash flow, cap rate, ROI, profit and much more. You can create and export detailed PDF reports, instantly compare investment properties against your purchase criteria, and perform reverse valuation analysis to decide your best offer to the seller. Your data are synced to the cloud and available on any phone, tablet or computer. You can start your work on one device and continue on another without ever missing a beat.

Why DealCheck Real Estate Analysis Mobile App is the All-In-One Investors ToolkitDealCheck Real Estate Analysis Mobile App

– Analyze single family, multi-family and commercial rental properties, as well as the properties you plan to rehab and flip
– View in-depth property analysis, including purchase breakdown, financing information, cash flow, profit projections and investment returns
– Calculate the capitalization rate (cap rate), cash on cash return (COC), return on investment (ROI), internal rate of return (IRR), gross rent multiplier (GRM), debt coverage ratio (DCR) and more
– Quickly vary your assumptions and view long-term holding projections for rentals and profit projections for flips.

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– Customize, export and email professional PDF reports with your personalized branding, contact info and business logo
– Manage and itemize closing costs, rehab budgets, holding costs and operating expenses
– Upload property photos and add notes to help you make purchasing decisions
– Find conventional, private money or hard money financing through a curated investor-friendly lender directory
– Learn about real estate investing with our built-in real estate dictionary, complete with explanations and formulas

You need to stop relying on complicated Excel spreadsheets or other’s advice and let this real estate calculator help you find your next investment opportunity. You need to download and start using DealCheck real estate analysis mobile app to avoid the mistakes other real estate investors make in their analysis, you can be sure that your pro forma calculations and profit projections are 100% right, complete and unbiased. You will also get a 25% off the deal when you sign up with this promo code REF25OFF. Don’t forget to use your promo code when you are registering. With DealCheck’s beautiful property reports, you can get your offers accepted faster and impress your lenders, partners or clients.

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