Xatra is a new crypto exchange market with great upcoming features onboard. Unlike token in other cryptocurrencies, Xatra coin has its own blockchain with coins user can stake their coins with just holding coins in their wallet. The primary objection of Xatra is security, speed, and decentralization. This new crypto exchange market with flexibility plans can handle up to 300 tx/sec. And, after multilevel blockchain upgrade, Xatra aim to raise this value 10k tx/sec, Xatra do not officially claim this performance at the moment, but this is their target.

The crypto exchange market site has great plan to target the consumer & merchant market and it will connect services, electronic and commercial applications from third parties and allow users to use and pay for them anonymously. Some Investment/Asset management firms connected with the Crypto-world are already interested in Xatra for its unique features and its high growth potential. The blockchain with the highest total consumed coinage chose as the main chain. Every transaction in the block contributes its consumed coins.

Xatra Crypto Exchange Market Investment Plans

Xatra ecosystem is vital to the acceptability and sustainability of the currency. To meet the goal of a decentralized economic network, Xatra will be committed to the development of its ecosystem, providing mature development tools, improving the development of documents, organizing education, training activities and providing financial support to the users. Xatra will connect services, electronic and financial applications from third parties and allow users to use and pay for them anonymously.

Crypto Exchange Market

Some of the cryptocurrency investment/asset management firms connected with the Crypto world are already interested in Xatra for its unique features and its high growth potential! This means that Xatra will likely be the key to accessing multiple investment platforms.

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Users will be able to invest and make profits from trading with Xatra coin

– Low TX Fees
– Super Fast Transactions
– Privacy, Xatra is an anonymous coin based on “Zerocoin” protocol
– Easy Rewards (PoS/PoW)
– Easy to Store with a full set of Wallets (Web/Desktop/Mobile)

Xatra Staking Opportunity

If you are looking for a stable investment product, holding Xatra coins in your wallet could be a very interesting option for you! Your Xatra Coins become then an interest-bearing asset with a huge annual return. Xatra staking services will be available after you first buy Xatra Coin from Xatra ICO with Bitcoin or Ethereum

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Long-term investment, high interest: a Long-term vision of XTR project helps to build a great ecosystem that is much more than a coin.
Flexibility: Investors can stop their coin staking at the end of a term and send all coins with interest to the exchange platform or web wallet.
Stable investment: Staking is always an excellent source of smart passive income with an annual return of about 100%.

No trade barriers with a unique borderless investment opportunity: Anyone from anywhere can hold Xatra in his/her wallet to receive interest on the balance in return for helping support the security of the network.
Xatra Coin Staking Interest: Xatra Coin has adopted a variable Proof of Stake (PoS) interest rate that will be given payout periodically as per the following guidelines:

POS Stake Interest

– 1st 6 months (8% per month)
– 2nd 6 months (7% per month)
– 3rd 6 months (5% per month)
– 4th 6 months (4% per month)
– 5th 6 months (3% per month)
– 6th 6 months (1.5% per month)

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Xatra Trading Opportunity

This investment option can earn a profit based on price fluctuations of XatraCoin. This opportunity is basically made for investors to pocket the volatility (price difference) on buying and selling the currency.

Xatra trading services will be available after Xatra’s listing on Xatra Exchange and External Exchanges

– Xatra Exchange
– Xatra Coin owners can Exchange early too after Xatra ICO finishes.
– Control of time
– Xatra can be traded in all countries, at any time
– High Potential
– Anyone can get involved and trade 24/7. With the right strategies, you can regularly profit from the coin volatility.
– Security, no political impact. trading without third-party
– There is no impact related to geopolitical influence, macroeconomic issues, – inflation, or interest rates.
– Fast & low-cost
– Start trading Xatra and money; you really only a few steps. How to Choose the Best Digital Currency Exchange

Why You Should Start Investing in Cryptocurrency with Flexible Opportunity

Xatra roadmap is already scheduled important improvements that will make Xatra the best coin on the crypto exchange market in terms of security, speed, and decentralization
ZeroCoin Mixing Protocol Implementation: Xatra will give our users a higher level of anonymity, close to 100%.
Human-Friendly Addresses: This is the easiest way to get any payment! Human-Friendly Addresses will allow our users to share their mnemonic Xatra address, instead of the “impossible to remind” Xatra public key! An example? Let ‘s guess your username is “cryptocool”: your Human-Friendly Addresses will be “xatra.io/cryptocool” or just cryptocool (if it’s available)!
16 Seconds Block Time & MultiLevel Blockchain: This will bring Xatra to a level that very few coins could reach and with the result to have an almost instant transaction.

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You can sign up for Xatra account today because of its unique features and immediate liquidity that has a much stronger potential appreciation than the 90% of coins/tokens already available in the crypto exchange market. After your registration, Xatra team will give you a full set of wallets on Web, Desktop, and Mobile.

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