Container freight station is used for inbound container consolidation that contains LCL freight for more than one consignee. The containers can be offloaded, and all goods can be segregated at the CFS. Clients can use their own staff or use the team at the CFS for the segregation work. Some CFS help with both ocean and air import and export. Their trained staff is able to handle all inbound shipments. All the shipments coming in and going out are logged into the computer system.

Customers are able to get access to the status of their shipment. They can get information from remote locations on the arrival, clearance, payment, and pickup of the same. The staff at the CFS is friendly and will help with the quick and easy release of your shipment.

A CFS is used for storing container that is pending customs clearance

Container Freight Station

The ports are congested, and it takes a lot of time for the customs officials to check all containers. Those who wish to store their containers in a safe place while they are waiting for clearance choose a CFS located near the port. Many transportation companies move the incoming shipments from the port to the CFS to reduce the congestion at the port.

At the CFS businesses are able to set up their items in a methodical manner. This is the place where you can arrange things in a safe environment without any fear of theft or loss. The station is fully responsible for any damages that are caused to shipment while at their facility. Most CFS are both bonded and insured.

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Clients can get a team of dedicated staff that can do the packaging for them. You can arrange the onwards deliveries in the least stressful manner. The packing will be done on time and all the goods will be delivered to the buyers in a good state keeping your timelines in focus. Modern CFS operate 24/7 and have full-fledged IT and communication infrastructure. They offer high standards of service in cargo management for shipping companies, exporters, and importers.

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