Presentation copies, urgent documents, last minute brochures and recent reports sheets or else, whatever the reasons are, you need a properly working printer at your organization or small workplace at home. It is necessary to choose the right printer that not only suits your budget but serve you for a very long time. Especially, when there are so many options available from many brands, how would you decide which works best in terms of features, functionality and results?

Sit back and take time to think of all the aspects that will help you make a wise investment for your office printing needs. Also, do not forget to calculate the annual printing cost, which your old printer has made you bear all these days.

Here are some effective tips while choosing the right printer for the job

Right Printer

What Are Your Expectations?

This is the most important question you should ask yourself before buying a printer for your daily printing needs. If you need a printer only for documents as letters or copies from the Internet or a simple spreadsheet, then a low budget inkjet printer or laser would be the right option. But if you print high-quality images, colour printouts and bulk documents every day, then going for an advanced and fast laser printer would be the ideal choice. Write down all your requirements and features you want from your new printer, and then make a decision.

What is your Budget for the Right Printer?

While choosing a printer, you must consider the budget in mind as there are printers which can cost you more with the same features that you can find in a low-cost printer. However, you should never compromise with the quality as this will eventually cost you more with the printing cartridges and maintenance in the future. Thus, what you can do is to set a budget by researching the average features required, and options available in the market. Another smart saving option is to choose managed print services, which can help you minimize the printing cost, with proper maintenance and repair.

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Inkjet or Laser?

Let’s talk about the types available in the market. With so many options such as inkjet, laser, LED and solid ink printers, the process of buying printers has become more confusing as the difference and qualities have narrowed. If you need a normal printer, then LED or monochrome printers are good for you. The consumables of these printers are also cheaper as compared to others. But if you are looking for superior photo quality, then inkjet printers are among the top-rated office ready options. Just make sure you know what type and what brand, you are looking for.

Advanced or Ordinary?

How many prints do you need in a day? How many different sizes of papers do you require at your work table? How much time of your work gets wasted in time-consuming printing? These are some simple yet important question to ask while dealing to purchase a new printer. Make sure to get a printer that meets the demands of a fast and advanced printing of your workspace, be it small or large.

To aggressively run your business, you need everything to be done as quickly as possible, and how silly it would be to keep spending your time with a slow and ordinary printer? For a small business, getting a multifunctional printer with a copier and scanner can not only save money but space and time as well. On the other hand, a larger organization may have separate machines for separate jobs, but having an advanced printer for all paper sizes and requirements would be better.

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Paper Handling

Another important aspect, which you should consider before purchasing a printer, would be to check the speed and paper handling capabilities of a printer. A small or entry level business may not need more than 150 pages a day, which is more than sufficient. And a typical printer’s minimum capacity would be of 250 pages or they contain a second tray for feeding envelope and other media. For such issues, it is better than you seek for two-sided printing. This is an amazing feature that will save a lot of your printing cost for unofficial printouts, you only need to use for temporary presentation and meetings.

Where to buy the Right Printer?

Apart from everything the source you have chosen to buy a printer matter the most especially if you are running a start-up and looking to save some more bucks on your purchase. Go with a trustable printer supplier that offers comprehensive options when it comes to advanced and affordable printers and related services.

There are so many options available for getting branded printers from a supplier who can also handle maintenance and repair if needed. So if you are seeking for replacing your old printer in Dubai then search any reliable printer supplier in Dubai there are so many suppliers you can find online and contact them so they could be your one-stop destination for affordable printers from the biggest brands.

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