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Broadband Internet Business in United States of America

Broadband Internet Business

Broadband is a term refers to the wide bandwidth characteristics of a transmission medium and its ability to transport multiple signals and traffic types simultaneously. It is also a high-speed internet access that is always on and faster than the traditional dial-up access. Types of Broadband internet includes several high-speed transmission technologies; Digital Subscriber Line […]

Architectural Industrial Computers HMI Business Manager

Architectural Industrial Computers

The VersaView 5000 portfolio of architectural industrial computers is the latest open architecture HMI or industrial computer offering business manager for control systems that give manufacturers greater freedom to install the software that fits their needs. The portfolio also includes the largest ever full-HD screen size, which can display more information and replicate control room […]

Land Management Software for Flexible Enterprise Model

Land Management Software

Truepermit is a land management software for flexible enterprise framework focused on e-government solutions and results for permitting and rights management. The management software is an interactive platform that manages the complete life cycle for permits and rights. The software has a seamless rights issuance and administration that provides an efficient solution to the electronic […]

CloudLinux OS for Hosting Providers & Data Centers

CloudLinux OS

CloudLinux OS is a hosting oriented Linux distributive based on CentOS using the LVE (Lightweight virtual environment) kernel technology that is similar to OpenVZ in some aspects or to other OS-based virtualization technologies. CloudLinux is on a mission to make Linux secure, stable, and profitable. CloudLinux improves the server stability by encapsulating each client in […]

Linux Web Server Advanced Firewall Ultimate Security

Linux web server advanced firewall ultimate security

Linux web server advanced firewall ultimate security is an advanced security system constantly collects and processes a massive amount of information about new attacks from servers all over the world. It analyzes the web traffic that hits your servers, understands all security threats, and uses powerful AI technology to dynamically update its rules and prevent […]

100 GB Cloud Drive Free Download from Degoo

Degoo 100 GB Cloud Drive

With Degoo 100 GB Cloud Drive you can always have the fastest and biggest storage box for your files. Back them up and organize them in your own personalized storage manager, full of features. If you need more than 100 GB you can upgrade your free account to affordable pro accounts. Degoo allows you to […]

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