CoinGate is a Bitcoin payment processor for online cryptocurrency platform that provides merchant services to businesses and individuals, basically allowing businesses to accept Bitcoin and over 50 other “altcoins” like Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash, and Ripple as payment of their products via online and traditional POS options. It also enables individuals and organizations to trade Bitcoin in the digital currency market. For all merchants that are accepting cryprocurrency as a form of payment, CoinGate will boost your eCommerce capabilities by allowing them to accept and process Bitcoin payments.

The Bitcoin payment processor offers embeddable plugins, POS systems, and payment buttons to streamline payment processing. CoinGate traders can buy and sell Bitcoin at the best price from various exchanges through credit card and mobile credit. It instantly converts Bitcoin into US Dollars or Euro for faster and convenient processing and handling. The bitcoin payment gateway is working for both merchants and Bitcoin traders, affording them the numerous advantages that Bitcoin brings to the table.

Bitcoin Payment Processor

As an eCommerce websites owner, an online traders, CoinGate will provides you with an intuitive, user-friendly platform that lets them accept Bitcoin and other digital currency variants like Dash and Ethereum among others as payment for your wares and services. Bitcoin and other digital currencies are poised to make a boom in the near future and as far as the outlook is concerned, it looks great. Which is why many businesses are now setting themselves up to be Bitcoin-ready when the great rush comes.

CoinGate Bitcoin Payment Processor Benefits

  • Most cryptocurrency merchants accept Bitcoin manually, this is creating a lot of issues and hassles for the merchants. With CoinGate, payment processing is fast and seamless with all payouts sent directly to the merchants’ accounts automatically. With CoinGate, the whole process is less complicated. The merchant would be able to accept this payment, and/or prolong the expiration time of the invoice.
  • Some merchant has to deal with exchanging BTC to fiat. So he gets BTC to his Bitcoin Wallet and then has to deal with exchanges if he wants to get EUR/USD. CoinGate keeps things fast and simple by instantly converting payments to the merchant’s preferred currency. On top of that, CoinGate also accepts other cryptocurrencies. CoinGate allows the payment and converts the amount automatically to the merchant’s preferred currency. Other Bitcoin service providers do not offer that functionality.
  • CoinGate prices is updated in real-time and compares the exchange rates in real-time at multiple exchange platforms and chooses the best one. It means CoinGate merchants, traders, and their clients pay as little as it is possible.
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CoinGate Bitcoin payment processor will help businesses to gear up for the future with Bitcoin POS, widgets, and plugins for online shopping carts (Magento, WooCommerce, OpenCart, VirtueMart, etc.). CoinGate also offer Bitcoin Point of Sale apps for Android and iOS for seamless mobile shopping experience for customers and faster and safe payment processing to businesses.

Since Bitcoin is steadily establishing its presence in modern commerce both online and offline, it is not surprising that many people are now investing in it and in other virtual currencies. With CoinGate, traders can buy and sell Bitcoin, allowing them to perform trades in the cryptocurrency market within a safe and secure environment.

Culled from Finances Online | CoinGate Bitcoin Payment Processor Review

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