Choosing any of the best email marketing service listed in this article will have a great impact on the success of your company’s email marketing campaign. Email marketing still the best and most effective marketing tool for intent market, email marketing has about 4300% returns on investment (ROI) for most business owner in the United States. This is based on the fact that email marketing is easy to manage, gives business owners full control, and allows them to establish a direct contact with their customers. if you are convince with what I wrote. Please read the reasons why most of the successful internet marketer beliefs more in the email marketing below.

Most of the content marketers do not know the important of having an email list when they are first starting out. Most bloggers usually change their mind when they see the impact email listing can have on their website traffic and revenue. Email listing will have the names and email addresses of people who gave you permission to send them updates and promotions from your business. Someone can start building an email lists using a marketing software and send bulk email notifications to everyone regarding your blog updates, online store, or other business services.

Your email subscribers will join your email listing from your website and verified their identity by clicking on a link (double-optin), they are extremely interested in what you have to offer. This is why they are more likely to convert into paying customers. Email listing is ten times converted thatn the social media campaigns. The points below even show why email listing has an incredible powerful communication channel for internet marketers.

Email Marketing Service

Personal: Email allows you to land into a user’s inbox. There is no ranking system limiting your reach. It is very direct and personal.
Targeted: As we mentioned earlier, the user has already shown interest in your product or content. Since you already know what they like, you can deliver them highly relevant offers to get better results. This is called segmentation, and we will cover that later in the article.
More Users than Social Media: Facebook may have 1.4 billion and Twitter has 100 million daily active users. What you have may not have heard, is the number of people using Email every day. Every internet user has at least one email account. Recent research conducted by Radicati found out that there 3.8 billion active email accounts. That’s half the population of Earth.
Purposeful: To get updates from you, a user fills out a form to signup for your email list and confirm their email address. Someone doing this much work is obviously interested in hearing from you, and they are much more receptive to your message.

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The best email marketing service will enable you to create highly engaging email which will allow you to manage your contacts, segment users into groups, and track the performance of your email campaigns. It is important to understand that your success with an email marketing depends entirely on the email marketing software you choose because they are responsible for making sure that your emails actually get delivered.

Features of Some of the Best Email Marketing Service Providers


This is a robust email marketing platform for professional bloggers, authors, and marketers. It is extremely easy to use and incredibly powerful.The email marketing provider allows you to easily offer content upgrades and incentives with email signup forms. It also comes with easy to manage auto-responders allowing you to send drip emails. ConvertKit can segment your contacts into those who are interested and those who have already purchased. This will help you to increase conversions with automated emails that feel personal.

The email marketing company offers email-based support and have an extensive knowledge base with great learning material. Lots of ConvertKit features are specifically designed for creators and professional bloggers that’s why we rate them the best email marketing service for professional bloggers. The offer a 14-day free trial, and their pricing starts from $29/month. They also offer a 30-day refund policy.


One of the most popular email marketing service providers in the world primarily because they offer a forever free email marketing service plan. This is another best email marketing service provider that comes with an easy email builder, autoresponders, segmenting contacts into groups, and simple tracking for analytics. It also allows you to setup delivery times based on user’s timezones, and you can setup segmenting based on geolocation. User can easily integrate MailChimp with WordPress, Magento, Shopify, and many other platforms.

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Mailchimp email marketing platform is quite limited when compared to other providers with marketing automation features. Mailchimp support is offered by email, live chat, and a large tutorials knowledge-base. The email marketing company offers a forever free plan which allows you to send 12,000 emails for up to 2,000 subscribers. This plan is fairly limited because you don’t features like send-time optimization, advanced segmentation, multi-variate testing, etc. You are also required to display their branding in your email. Last but not least, support is restricted to email only, and you may find it not as helpful.

Constant Contact

One of the largest and fastest growing email marketing service in the world. It is also the most easy to use and beginner friendly email marketing service. Users can easily manage your email lists, contacts, email templates, marketing calendar, and more. Each account gives you access to easy tracking and reporting, built-in social media sharing tools, free image library, list segmentation, Facebook ads integration, and a powerful eCommerce integration for Shopify stores.

Constant Contact email plus accounts also come with powerful features like email automation, surveys & polls, coupons, online donations, and subject line A/B testing to maximize your open rate. They offer unmatched support with live chat, phone calls, email, community support, and a vast library of helpful resources. Apart from online training, they also offer in-person live seminars across the United States. This allows small businesses to quickly learn the basics of email marketing and start using it to grow their business like a pro. The email company has a 60-day free trial (no credit-card required). After that their pricing starts as low as $20/month.


This is another best email marketing service provider with complete SMS and email marketing software for businesses. They are one of the fastest growing email marketing platforms in Europe. The email marketing platform has an extremely easy to use platform with excellent tools to create beautiful and highly engaging emails. Their simple drag and drop tools are perfect for beginners with no experience in email marketing.

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SendinBlue includes beginner-friendly automation tools that allow you to send transactional emails, create workflows, and segment users. It can also select the best time to send email using their AI algorithms. They offer a completely free email marketing plan that lets you send up to 300 emails per day, but all your emails will have their branding. Paid plans start from $25 per month. You can also include SMS to your account, but the pricing will vary based on your sending requirements.


A powerful email marketing platform for eCommerce, bloggers, and marketers. They offer a wide range of tools to make marketing automation and personalization easy. Offering seamless integration for all popular website builders including WordPress and WooCommerce. This allows you to easily add sign up forms to your website and capture more leads. What sets the email marketing platform apart from other best email marketing service provider is their intelligent marketing automation tools, smarter email segmenting, list groups, and a visual workflow builder.

These features allow you to reach targeted customers in your email list to get more sales. The company supports live chat support, webinars, automation training, detailed courses, free guides and excellent documentation. Drip allows us to connect, engage, and relate to every customer on a personal level with smarter eCommerce marketing automation. This is the best email marketing service provider for eCommerce websites and business owners who want more advanced tools. They offers a free account for up to 100 subscribers. After that their plans starts from $49 / month which includes all their features. MarketingBusiness,Business Management,Business Software,Business Tool,Business Website,Digital Marketing,Email Listing,Email Marketing
Choosing any of the best email marketing service listed in this article will have a great impact on the success of your company's email marketing campaign. Email marketing still the best and most effective marketing tool for intent market, email marketing has about 4300% returns on investment (ROI) for...
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