As we all know that baseball is one of the most entertaining sports which has fans all over the nations. But as far as our knowledge the origin of this sports is still unknown and it has been a subject for debates for more than a century. It got its cutting edge appearance from different bat-ball and running sports such as the Round Ball and Fletch-get. As recorded in the history, novices of the U.S. played a baseball-like game with casual principles amid the eighteenth century. The New York Knickerbockers was the principal group to play baseball under present-day rules.

According to the official records are concerned, the New York press was all the while giving more space in 1855 to the inclusion of cricket than to that of baseball. In the long run, baseball wound up a standout amongst the most played and watched amusements in America. The history of baseball sports had been controversies like betting and doping but if there is something wrong so it has given such great baseball players of all time. So, guys, if you are reading this article then you must be a fan of baseball.

Therein this article we are going to list 7 greatest baseball players of all time you need to know

Babe Ruth

Baseball Player

Babe Ruth is known to be the American baseball legend and he was nicknamed The Sultan of Swat and The Bambino for his magnetic abilities at the season of Roaring Twenties. In the starting of his career, he began as an outfielder and pitcher for Boston Red Sox in 1914 and later joined the New York Yankees in 1920 where he played 15 seasons.

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Angel set up tremendous quantities of records with his 714 profession grand slams, .690 slugging rate, 2,213 RBIs and 1.164 on-base in addition to slugging. He won World Series title multiple times and AL grand slam title record multiple times and furthermore made it to All-Star group twice

Ty Cobb


Ty Cobb is on second in our list and he was born and grew up in Georgia, America. He was an MLB outfielder. Ty Cobb attempted his need in different zone groups without surrendering before his baseball ability was figured it out. He generally batted with his left and tossed with his correct hand.

Ty accomplished such a great success in his baseball profession. The AL grants he won incorporate; the MVP, multiple times batting champion, grand slam pioneer, multiple times stolen base pioneer and multiple times RBI pioneer. He additionally won a Triple. Crown title and he was also honoured by the Detroit Tigers and had All-Century Team acknowledgement

Barry Bonds

Barry Bonds

He is former one of the best American baseball tycoon Barry Bonds. His father also serves in baseball career as all-star outfielder Bobby Bonds. Most of the people and franchise know Barry as a champion player of the major league because of his outstanding records like 73 Home runs in a single season, with the total home runs of 762 in career and also he had played 8 continue seasons with more than .600 slugging percentage.

He was also selected for the major league Baseball game by The Pittsburgh Pirates as the sixth overall in 1985. He had played for Pittsburgh Pirates and San Francisco Giants in the position of left fielder throughout his career. One of his other records is that he has scored more than 30 home runs in a particular season for consecutive 13 times from 1992 to 2004.

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Ted Williams

Baseball Player

Ted Williams was a baseball player and a supervisor too. He was born in California, America and played as an American. He was one of the best-left side fielders and played in MLB for a long time. He used to bat with his left substance and used to ball with his right hand.

Williams had the option to win All-Star grants multiple times and Triple Crown multiple times. There are many AL awards he got such as multiple times MVP, 6 times batting champion awards, four times he won the home run winner and four times RBI superior.

Willie Mays


He is another retired American baseball player and in his career, he has won a record 12 Gold Gloves beginning from the year the honor was presented. He played all through his baseball career for the San Francisco Giants and the New York Mets as a middle defender. He wound up NL Most Valuable Player two times and MLB All-Star Game MVP twice.

Hank Aaron


Hank Aaron is another legend in our list and he is one of the greatest baseball players of all time because he is holding the records of scoring more than 30 home runs in a single season for more than 15 times. His career detail is that he has played as a right fielder for Atlanta Braves in the NLB more twenty years and then he played for Milwaukee Brewers in the American League from 1975 to 1976. He is the only player who has won the Gold Glove Award the three consecutive times and also awarded as the National League Most Valuable Player in 1957.

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Stan Musial


Stan Musial has the second most bases ever, and he set records in his career for maximum hits, RBIs, at-bats, runs scored, and pairs. He was the captain he led the Cardinals to three titles as a player, and he also served as a coach and then he decided to give different players a chance to get an opportunity by resigning.

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