There are over 2.5 billion people in this world who love cricket and live for cricket. Fans from all over the world, from different countries, unite with their fellow people just because of one game that is cricket. Yes, FIFA is the most watched and loved the game all over the world but in Asia, Cricket rules. The countries with most fans can be listed easily. Even though it is most popular in the subcontinent. But, the game was originated in England in somewhere between 16th century.

Countries Populated With Cricket Fans

Besides having popularity in the subcontinent where this sport is considered a religion too by many, Cricket is famous in a lot of other countries as well. Here is an overview!


Speaking of Australia, this small country is populated with cricket fans. The cricket team of this country. Cricket is the most popular sports in Australia and the enthusiast support each other through social gatherings. The discussions can be really intense too. Currently, Australia is on top of the list of people who played the game across the country professionally and as an amateur. Cricket t-shirts 2019 are sold widely across the country.



Football might be more popular in England than cricket but it was originated here. English men were the first to invent this game. England cricket team represents England and Wales. The dedicated group of fans meet at the local coffee shops and discuss the games and coming matches. Matches are screened for these groups to enjoy. The old English men still love this game way more than Football. Ricky Ponting is one of the most loved English cricketers of all time.

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South Africa

One of the most loved cricket team of all time in South Africa. They have been playing amazing for a decade now. The team players deserve all the praise. The people of South Africa are extremely passionate about cricket. They love the game a lot. Ab De Villers is one of the most loved players from South Africa. His batting style is copied by kids these days. And, they dream of becoming as good as him one day. Since the world cup is around, get ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 t-shirts for yourself.


Afghanistan made it into the cricket world in 2016 and this country is filled with the sport’s lovers. Them making into the international game was very surprising yet very welcoming. Cricket lovers in Afghanistan do not follow any other game as religiously as they do because that’s the only most famous sport there. Buy world cup 2019 t-shirts if you are a fan of this team too.


Team India or the men in blue as we know them are the winners of the last world cup series. They have hade a history of the best players the world has seen. People in India have made this game their sole religion and the seriousness is taken to the next level. And, everyone knows how heated people of India get when they have a match with the people across the border. Pakistan being the rival country, they too get emotional over this specific match. The Indians are crazy about their players and so is the entire world. But you can shop online t-shirts in Pakistan if you love the team.

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The 80% of Pakistan’s population is a fan of cricket and love every bit of juicy detail they hear about their players or the team. Even the smallest change by the PCB affects the lovers of the sport a lot in this country. The team is referred to as Shaheens by the people of Pakistan or as men in green. The current captain of Pakistani team is Sarfaraz Ahmed known for his powerful batting and the team spirit. ICC World cup 2019 has made every single individual very excited about it. The people all over the world who are a fan of cricket have their eyes on the game and the trophy.

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