We are always trying to make the best effort to impress a person on a first date. Sometimes we get nervous before and during the date, since we do not know what to wear and what to do but do not stress yourself, I am here to give you some tips from the outfit, to what to do while you having that date.


This problem is always more for women than men because men always have the facility to put the first they see on their closet while women always take a longer time to choose, so if you, woman, want to know what to wear, here are some ideas of outfits for a first date. It always depends on the weather, if its summer you can opt for denim dresses that is a cute option for these days, you could dress it up with black accessories.

On the other hand, in the case of a winter date, you could use a ruffled blouse over your favorite jeans with sparkly flats. Remember that every outfit must have their own bag and I know an online page where you can find the perfect bag for your outfits, their name is Tinkuy, they have a bag for every occasion, so choose the one you feel is for you.

Talk About Something Meanigful

You can start to talk about them self, their likes or plans, they can talk about interesting things, maybe you share some things in common and that could be a great conversation. Do not be afraid to talk about something you think is interesting and you would like to share with your date because just say something like ‘’where are your from’’ or ‘’ what you do?’’ can be helpful at the beginning just to introduce yourself, but it will be bored.

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One thing that is PROHIBITED is talk about the “ex”, if you will start to talk about that, the other person will start to think that you still thinking about the ex and that could be a contra.

Don’t Get Drunk on Your First Date

Your First Date

A drink might be good to calm the nerves of meeting a new person and also help the conversation to flow with more naturally because is the first date, but the last thing you must do is get drunk, first of all, because is not a good impress get drunk when you are meeting someone, everybody acts differently when is drunk, then because you do not really know the intentions that the other person has it would be embarrassing and also too much dangerous.

If the date includes alcohol you need to know your limits and make sure you are drinking water in between the drinks, so that can calm the alcohol you are drinking.

Be You on Your First Date

First Date

There are a lot of articles saying how you have to be on a first date but that is totally wrong advice in my opinion. Is not a good idea to being someone you are not just because to impress the other persons, what if you continuous pretending being someone you are not? You will be a stranger and it is like you will have a mask during the relationship and your partner will never know who is with them.

After all, nobody knows what your date is looking for, you just need to be yourself, because when you are authentic, you will naturally attract the right person, who values your qualities and who you really are.

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Let them Know You are Interested

At the end of it, make sure your date knows that you are interested, give a hug or just telling them that you had a great time and would like to repeat the day, then text saying that you enjoyed that day and thank cordially, also suggest another day to meet.

Follow these steps and I am pretty sure that your first date will be the best you will ever have. The first date can always be nerve but at the same time can be really amazing. Just prove these tips and comment on your experience.

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