With Degoo 100 GB Cloud Drive you can always have the fastest and biggest storage box for your files. Back them up and organize them in your own personalized storage manager, full of features. If you need more than 100 GB you can upgrade your free account to affordable pro accounts. Degoo allows you to bring all your photos, videos, music and documents anywhere. All with top security. Store and share your files free forever with Degoo, the ultimate all-in-one cloud drive for your mobile phone or tablet.

Degoo 100 GB Cloud Drive Features

Remote Online Access: Keep all your data in the cloud and access it from all your devices. Get instant access to all your office documents, like text docs, pdf, zip archives and notes wherever you are, within minutes. Degoo lets you download your files from your cloud drive to any device in the world, all around the clock on all major platforms. Just go to My Files to view the list of all your file in your safe storage. Degoo is the natural home for your files. Like an SD card in the cloud.

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Unlimited Data Transfer: Send all your content for free with our send file plugin, using the same military-grade security as when storing your files. You can share as many files as you like to help you stay connected with your friends and colleagues and you will get a convenient list of all the files you have sent from your smartphone. The files can be shared with all apps that support https URLs.Degoo 100 GB Cloud Drive

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Top Security: Degoo encrypts all your stuff using military-grade encryption before uploading them to the cloud drive. This ensures that all your files are stored securely with most privacy.
Automatic: Degoo detect when you snap a new photo with your camera or add some files and make sure your backup is always up to date. Never think about backup again! We back up, store and sync all your data for you automatically directly from your mobile phone or tablet.

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Simple File Explorer: List all your files in our explorer and use our easy file viewer to get access to and share your files and folders directly in the app. Keep all your information at your fingertips, store everything like a pro in your own folders and sync anytime you want to fully backup your files.
Super Efficient and Fast: The app is very light-weight and uses minimum RAM, battery and CPU. Keep your memory space and power usage to more important work tasks and enjoy super fast uploads.

Reliable: At Degoo we store triple copies of each file to make sure they are always there when you need them. Just upload them into our mega secure storage explorer and access them when you like.
Streaming Support: With our easy to use full-screen stream player you can get access to all your videos and music streams in real-time without having to wait for the download to finish.
Earn Extra Free GB: You can easily get more space by either watching an optional sponsored video or by upgrading to our pro account. And much more.

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Download Degoo 100 GB Cloud Drive to backup all your data directly from your device. Choose what you want to back up, like your photos or docs and we store it all securely in Degoo’s cloud drive.


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